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Superintendent Updates

Understanding the Next-Generation MCAS and 2017 Accountability Results

DACA Statement

District Data Presentation – November 7, 2016

Bubbles and Books Family Day

School Committee 2016-2017 Budget Cuts Votes

Denial of Service Attack

WIC Program


Superintendent Reports

2015 10th Grade MCAS Summary

Entry Report

Human Resources Assessment Report

Great by Choice

RETELL in a Nutshell

Chapter 8 Art of Achievement

MASC Resolutions to be Considered by the 2013 Delegate Assembly

District Determined Measures in a Nutshell

Massachusetts Early Warning System: EWIS

TeachPoint Cheat Sheet

Superintendent’s Newsletters


District Newsletter – December 2017

District Newsletter – November 2017

District Newsletter – September/October 2017


District Newsletter – May/June 2017

District Newsletter – April/May 2017

District Newsletter – March 2017

District Newsletter – February 2017

District Newsletter – January 2017

District Newsletter – December 2016

District Newsletter – November 2016

District Newsletter – October 2016


District Newsletter – March/April 2016

District Newsletter – February 2016

District Newsletter – January 2016

District Newsletter – December 2015

District Newsletter – November 2015

District Newsletter – October 2015

District Newsletter – September 2015

District Informational PowerPoints

District PARCC 2015 Data

Informational Class Size Presentation

2015 Malden Middle School Student Health Survey Highlights Presentation

2015 Opening Day PowerPoint

2013 Malden Middle School Student Health Survey Data Presentation

Starr Center at Malden High School Presentation

Youth Risk Behavior Background and Rationale

Boston University Character and Culture Presentation

Connecting to Families

Evaluation PowerPoint

Five District Partnership

Importance of Preventing Dropouts

NESDEC Management Study

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