The MHS Plan

Strategic Planning is a process for creating an organization’s preferred future.  It is a long-range planning process for organizational renewal and transformation which provides a framework for improving programs and management functions, and for evaluating an organization’s progress.  Strategic planning helps organizations think and act strategically, develop effective strategies, clarify future directions, establish priorities, improve organizational performance, build teamwork and expertise, and deal effectively with a rapidly changing environment.

The strategic planning process involves a series of steps that moves an organization through:

  • analyzing relevant external trends and their implications
  •  assessing organizational capacity
  • developing a core value, mission and vision for the district
  • establishing annual goals and objectives designed to move the organization to where it wants to be
  • communicating the district’s core value, mission, vision, goals and objectives to all members of the community
  • implementing action plans aligned with the core value, mission, vision, goals and objectives; and
  • monitoring progress, identifying successes and needs, and renewing our goals, objectives and action plans on an annual basis.

Organizations implement strategic planning to effectively deal with change in a proactive rather than reactive manner by establishing a common purpose, a sense of direction, priorities for change, and a blueprint for action.  This plan is the product of an analysis of the district’s strengths and needs, as well as emerging trends and conditions.  Based upon this analysis, this document defines the core value, mission and vision that will guide the district during the next five years, and the goals and objectives that will move the district forward in the year to come.

This strategic plan is the culmination of work by the district’s Strategic Plan Committee consisting of teachers, administrators, parents, school committee members, students, government officials, and community partners, in partnership with the district’s Leadership Team.

The Malden Public Schools:

Core Value:

We believe all children can meet challenging expectations through a partnership among home, school, and community.

Mission Statement:

The Malden Public Schools prepare students to be independent thinkers and enthusiastic learners who:

  • Work Hard
  • Respect others
  • Cherish diversity
  • Seek challenges
  • Discover and develop their individual talents
  • Strive for academic excellence
  • Demonstrate personal and social responsibility.

Malden Public School graduates are prepared to be active participants in our economy and democracy.

Vision Statement:

Malden Public Schools and classrooms are places where


  • Feel safe and respected.
  • Think deeply and critically about important ideas and problems.
  • Communicate effectively, orally and in writing.
  • Exhibit initiative, adaptability and perseverance.
  • Demonstrate curiosity, creativity and confidence.
  • Interact thoughtfully with teachers and one another.
  • Set high expectations and meet or exceed established standards.
  • Hold themselves accountable for their work and actions.
  • Utilize technology to facilitate and enhance their learning.
  • Take advantage of learning opportunities before and after school.

Teachers, Administrators and Other Staff…

  • Encourage, inspire, and have high expectations of all students.
  • Create a safe and respectful environment for everyone.
  • Promote and model best practices
  • Ensure access to high levels of learning for all student
  • Have high expectations of one another
  • Continually develop their professional skills and knowledge
  • Partner with parents on the education of their children.

Parents and Community Members….

  • Feel welcomed, respected and encouraged to participate.
  • Have access to important information about the schools and their children.
  • Advocate for sound policies and practices that impact the schools.
  • Support, have confidence in, and value our schools.
  • Encourage, inspire and have high expectations for their children.

Additionally the Teaching and Learning Goals and Objectives for 2011-2012 were also developed by the Leadership Team in the Spring of 2011; this team consisted of the Superintendent, Assistant Superintendent, Principals, Assistant Principals, Curriculum and Program Directors, Coaches and Teacher Leaders.  It went through a rigorous consensus-building process and will be reviewed annually.

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