Malden Public Schools Student Handbooks

To ensure all families and students are informed of and understand these policies, we require that all
students and their families/guardians sign and return the Student and Family Consent and Release Form
located on the last page of the Handbook. However, it should be understood that these Handbooks are in no
way intended as a contract, and the content of this Handbook may change from time to time as the
need arises.

Our goal is to design and provide the most supportive and safe educational setting that will lead to the
best possible outcomes for all students. With this in mind, it is our policy to recognize, preserve, and
protect the individual rights of all students through the enforcement of rules and regulations outlined in
the Handbooks below.

Early Learning Center Family Handbook 2020-2021
K-8 Student and Family Handbook 2020-2021
Malden High School Student and Family Handbook 2020-2021