What is Title I?

Title I is a federally funded program that is part of the federal No Child Left Behind legislation. The amount of funding is based upon the number of students who qualify for free and reduced lunch. The major goal of the federal Title I program is to support schools with high numbers of children who are in poverty.

Malden Public Schools primarily uses the funding to support additional teachers for each of the K-8 schools who provide small group instruction to students in need. In addition, Title I funding supports literacy coaches in each of the buildings. The coaches work with classroom teachers and administration to help improve reading and writing for all students.

All of our K-8 schools are school-wide Title I projects. Thus, all students who attend the Beebe, Ferryway, Forestdale, Linden, and Salemwood are Title I students. All families who attend a Malden Public School in grades K-8 can attend any of our Title I events.

Why does Title I outreach to parents?
Title I is required under federal guidelines to have a plan to reach out to parents. Plus, research shows when families are involved in their children’s education, the students do better in school.

How does the Malden Public Schools Title I Program outreach to parents?

  • The Title I program holds monthly parent workshops in the morning on different topics at each of the Title I Schools. We also hold evening workshops each year as part of our Parent Academy for all K-8 parents that are held at the Salemwood School.
  • Title I holds fun family nights at each of the schools a couple of times a year with food and something fun for the whole family to participate in.
  • We use social media such as Facebook and a Smore newsletter to share ideas with parents.
  • Patti Amirault and Lisa Hammersley are our Title I Family Coordinators. They can help parents with any concerns or questions they have about the schools and helping their child. Patti and Lisa can be reached via email at pamirault@maldenps.org or lhammersley@maldenps.org.

How can I learn more about the Malden Public Schools Title I Program?

2021-2022  Resources 

Literacy Resources

Title I Videos

Activities for Families and Children That Won’t Break the Bank

i-Ready Overview for Families January 2021
Title I Fall 2020
Title I on MATV 2017
Title I on MATV 2016

Parent Involvement Policies

MPS Family Engagement Policy 2021-2022

Contact us:

Victoria Mulkern Director of Literacy and Title I vmulkern@maldenps.org
Kerri Surette Administrative Assistant ksurette@maldenps.org
Patti Amirault Title I Parent Coordinator pamirault@maldenps.org
Lisa Hammersley Title I Parent Coordinator lhammersley@maldenps.org

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