Malden SEPAC

Special Education Parent Advisory Council

We are an established SEPAC, whose focus is that of enhancing the parental voice in Special Education in the City of Malden. Our mission is to promote a family-school relationship of mutual involvement and respect. Our primary consideration is the well-being of the student, regardless of disability, culture or background.

Advance the public school education of children with Special Needs
Promote meaningful parent-participation
Advise and support at the school, district, and state levels

Governed by elected board members that volunteer.
Assisted by school district, teachers, students and parent volunteers.

Collectively we represent hundreds of Malden parents with Special Needs children.
We ensure that parents have a strong voice in their child’s education.
We ensure that the Malden Public Education system remains focused on the needs of its students.
We support parents in navigating the Special Education system as they exercise their rights and the rights of their children.
We hold regular meetings to discuss Special Education issues.


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Malden SPEAC Council

Marilyn Andrews, President

Salima Slimane, Vice President

Lynda Diamond, Secretary

Jacqui Hadaya, Treasurer

Malden SEPAC Advisory Board

Wendy Cardosi

Wendy Carlson

Lori Costa

Dr. Meera Sunder, Cambridge Health Alliance, Malden

Imene Bouziane- Saidi

Amanda Ceide, Out of District Representative

Jennifer Spadafora,  School Committee Liaison

MPS Special Education Department

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