New Student Registration Information

**PLEASE NOTE: The Parent Information Center is now located at 110 Pleasant Street.**

Thank you for choosing to register your student with Malden Public Schools. We offer world-class education from Pre-K through High School. We look forward to working with you at one of our 7 educational facilities. We strive to teach and inspire every student and treat all students with respect, regardless of background. The diversity of our student body is an advantage to our students. Malden is a microcosom of the world and we are demonstrating with excellence what the future will look like. We are excited to partner with all of you and recognize the strength of our schools comes from our community support and partnerships.

Steps for Registration Grades K-12

  • Complete Forms and Gather Documents

    For all new students and students being re-admitted, select one of the following:

    See below for further details.

    Registration Update for Grade K 2021-2022

    The Malden Public Schools will begin the 2021-2022 Kindergarten Registration process
    March 1. During the last week of February 2021, the Parent Information Center plans to
    mail Kindergarten Registration Applications to families with children born between
    September 1, 2015 and August 31, 2016. If you are not sure your child’s name is on
    our kindergarten mailing list, please call the Parent Information Center to confirm.

    All forms must be filled out completely and submitted along with a copy of the
    child’s birth certificate, 3 proofs of Malden residency, the child’s immunization
    record, a current physical and a copy of the parent/guardian’s photo ID.
    All completed forms can be returned to the Parent Information Center in the
    envelope provided in the application packet or call to schedule an appointment.
    No registration will be processed without ALL required
    Please call the Parent Information Center at 781-397-7271 if you have any

Location and Hours

Parent  Information Center
Joan Federico, Manager
Telephone: 781-397-7271
Fax: 781-397-1547

Parent Information Center
110 Pleasant Street
Malden, MA 02148

Regular School Year 

Monday – Friday
7:30am to 3:30pm

Vacation Hours
Monday – Thursday
8:00am to 3:00pm
8:30am to 12:00pm

Registration Packet and Document Requirements for K-12

The following documents are required for new registrations and re-admission:

  • A completed Online K-8 Registration Form, K-8 Paper Registration (download and mail in), Online High School Registration Form, or  High School Paper Registration  (download and mail in)
    • Registration Application
    • Home Language form
    • Mass Health Form
    • Medical Release of Records form
  • Proof of age (birth certificate or passport)
  • Most current Immunizations and Physical form and Student Information form
  • Massachusetts Transfer/ Withdrawal form
  •  Individual Education Program (IEP) if applicable
  • MCAS and/or ACCESS test results
  • Discipline Report
  • Photo ID of parent/ guardian
  • Proof of residency


In order to attend the Malden Public Schools, a student must actually reside in Malden.  A student’s actual residence is considered to be the place where he or she lives permanently with the parent or legal guardian who has physical custody of the student. In determining residency Malden Public Schools retains the right to require the production of a variety of records and documentation and to investigate where a student actually resides.


To register to attend Malden Public Schools a student’s parent or legal guardian must submit at least one original document from Column A, B, and C  listed below and any other documents that may be requested, including but not limited to those listed below.

Column A

Evidence of Residency

Column B

Evidence of Occupancy

Column C

Evidence of Identification

(Photo ID)

·       Recent Mortgage Payment

or property tax bill

·       Residency Affidavit signed by the property

owner and  notarized

at the Parent

Information Center

·       Section 8 Housing Agreement

Recent bill listed below dated within the past 45 days:

·       Excise Tax Bill

·       National Grid Gas Bill

·       National Grid Electric Bill

·       Cable Bill

·       Water Bill

·       Valid Driver’s License

·       Valid MA Photo ID Card

·       Passport/Green Card

·       Government Issued ID

Malden Public Schools shall verify the home address and home telephone number of each student at least once during the school year.  Parents are required to notify the school of any changes of their or the student’s address within 5 business days of the change.


Should a question arise concerning any student’s residency elsewhere while attending Malden Public Schools, the student’s residency will be subject to further inquiry and/or investigation.  Such questions concerning residency may arise on the basis of incomplete, suspicious, or contradictory proofs of address; anonymous tips; correspondence that is returned to the Malden Public Schools because of an invalid or unknown address, or other grounds.

Malden Public Schools may request additional documentation, may use the assistance of the School Department’s Supervisor of Attendance and/or may obtain the services of police or investigative agency personnel to conduct investigations into a student’s residence.

Upon an initial determination by Malden Public Schools that a student is actually residing in a city or town other than Malden, the student’s enrollment shall be terminated immediately.


In addition to termination of enrollment and the imposition of other penalties permitted by law, (M.G.L Chapter 76, Section 5), Malden Public Schools reserves the right to recover restitution based upon the costs of educational services provided during the period of non-residency.

Medical Requirements for K-12

A complete physical examination is required of all children entering Malden Public Schools. Completed physical examination forms must be presented to complete enrollment. No child will be able to attend school without providing all required medical documentation. Only upon completion of this process will a child be fully registered and allowed to begin school. For more information about immunizations and physical examination requirements, contact the Director of Nursing, Patricia Tramondozzi, at 781-397-6106 or

THE STATE LAW CHAPTER 76, SECTION 15, INDICATES THAT NO CHILD SHOULD BE ADMITTED TO SCHOOL UNLESS HE OR SHE HAS BEEN IMMUNIZED AGAINST DIPHTHERIA, TETANUS, PERTUSSIS, MEASLES, MUMPS, RUBELLA, POLIO, CHICKEN POX, AND HEPATITIS B, except for medical or religious reasons. The medical record must indicate dates of immunization􀂁-month, day and year. Department of Public Health regulations effective March 1, 1990, require children to present evidence of having been previously screened for lead poisoning as a condition for entry into kindergarten. Parents should provide documentation from their child’s pediatrician. Immunization inoculations may be obtained from a private physician or by appointment from the Board of Health Clinic.
According to rules and regulations by the Massachusetts Department of Public Health, students entering kindergarten need:

According to rules and regulations by the Massachusetts Department of Public Health, students entering KINDERGARTEN need:

•       3 doses of Hepatitis B

•       5 doses of DTaP/DTP (must have a dose after 4th birthday)

•       4 doses of Polio (must have a dose after 4th birthday)  

•       2 doses of MMR

•       2 doses of Varicella

•      1 dose MenACWY (Grade 7 entry)

•       a physical exam (done within the last 12 months)

•       Lead test  and results

•       TB test and results OR medical documentation.   This is a city requirement

•      Vision including stereopsis testing, hearing

Students entering grades 1-6 need:

•        3 doses of Hepatitis B

•        at least 4 doses of DTaP/DTP or at least 3 doses of TD (must have a dose after 4th birthday) 

•        at least 4 doses of Polio (must have a dose after 4th birthday)

•        2 doses of MMR

•        2 doses of Varicella

•        a physical exam on file (done within the last 12 months)

•        TB test and results OR medical documentation.   This is a city requirement.

Students entering grades 7-8 need:

•       3 doses of Hepatitis B

•      at least 4 doses of DTaP/DTP or at least 3 doses of TD, and 1 dose of TDaP/TD (must have a dose after 4th birthday)

•      at least 4 doses of Polio (must have a dose after 4th birthday)

•       2 doses of MMR

•       2 doses of Varicella

•       a physical exam (done within the last 12 months)

•      TB test and results OR medical documentation.   This is a city requirement.

Students entering grade 9-12 need:

  • Physical Exam – completed within one  year of entrance
  • All of the previous immunizations for K-8

Kindergarten Registration Requirements

Any child 5 years of age by August 31 is eligible for Kindergarten classes. All schools offer full day kindergarten classes. School day times vary by school. All assignments are subject to space availability and the student enrollment policy.

Please refer to the list below to see kindergarten school day hours.

ALL K-8 Schools (8:15-2:15)

In order to register a child for kindergarten, parents/guardians need to complete all forms and provide all required documents listed in Required forms and Documentation.

Only upon completion of this process will a child be fully registered and allowed to begin school in August. Missing required documents/forms will delay a child’s registration. Children currently attending the Malden Public Schools pre-kindergarten pro­gram or special education pre-kindergarten programs must complete this online Registration Form or mail in a paper registration  to properly enroll. Parents with children with special needs should contact the Special Needs Office at 781-397-7245 if they have any questions.

For online registration you must have a gmail account. To create a gmail account please go
to To register online please have the child’s birth certificate, immunizations and a
current physical form, a proof of address, and photo ID of parent/guardian. Once
you fill out the forms you can upload the documents required. If you do not have
them available at that time you can email them to
Another option is to download the forms from the website, fill them out and email
them to  They can be sent through the regular mail which
will take a little longer. If you have any questions, please feel free to email Joan

To register for kindergarten using the paper registration, parents/guardians must complete the paper application packe provide all required documentation. Then mail the registration and documents to:

The Parent Information Center
110 Pleasant Street
Malden, MA 02148

Phone: 781-397-7271

Fax: 781-397-1547

We encourage parents to call or e-mail the PIC to confirm receipt of the Registration Application.

Early Learning Center Registration (Pre-K)

The Early Learning Center handles registration on-site. Registration is on a first-come, first-served basis.

Please call 781-397-7025 for more details.

Online registration for the 2021-2022 school year will be coming soon!

Which school will your K-8 student be assigned to?

All assignments are made according to the student Enrollment Policy and space availability. Students are assigned to schools in the following order:

  1. Program requirements. For example, students who need special education services are placed into schools that have the needed supports.
  2. Siblings with Proximity Placement. If your new student has a sibling already placed in your neighborhood school, then your new student will be enrolled in that school also.
  3. Proximity placement. Students are placed in schools closest to their home.

School placements begin JULY 5th.

Voluntary Transfer List

Every effort will be made to accommodate parents/guardians preference within the system of priorities, and the district’s educational seating capacity.  Parents/guardians may request that their child be placed on a voluntary transfer list for the school by completing a “Voluntary Transfer Form” available at the PIC.  The timeline for that process is as follows:

1.     Requests for a voluntary transfer can be made by contacting the PIC beginning May 1st.

2.     All transfer requests will be processed beginning on August 15th.

3.     The expiration date for requesting a voluntary transfer is September 15th, NO requests for transfer will be accepted after September   15th.

4.     Any transfers that were not granted will remain on the voluntary transfer list until space becomes available, up to October 1st. The PIC will grant no more than ONE transfer per student per year.

The manager of the PIC, in cooperation with the Superintendent of the Malden Public Schools is the final authority on student enrollment, and in no way influenced by school administrators and elected officials.

Appeals Process

Parents who need information on filing an appeal should contact the PIC at 781-397-7271 or

Transportation Services

As of August 30th, 2016, transportation will no longer be provided for students in the Malden Public Schools, with the following exceptions:

  • The student has an IEP and specifies that transportation will be provided.
  • The student is homeless and entitled to transportation under the McKinney-Vento Act.

The committee recognizes that this policy change may result in parents requesting transfers to schools closer to their residence. These cases will be considered on an individual basis by the Parent Information Center and the superintendent.

McKinney-Vento Homless Assistance Act

The McKinney-Vento Homeless Assistance Act (McKinney-Vento Act), which has been recently reauthorized under the Every Student Succeeds Act of 2015 (ESSA, Title IX part A), ensures homeless children/youth have equal access to the same free and appropriate public education as provided to other children /youth.

Definition of Homeless Children/Youth 

The term, Homeless Child(ren)/youth refers to individuals who lack a fixed, regular, and adequate night residences.  This includes:

  1. Children/youth who are sharing the housing of others due to loss of housing, economic hardship or similar reasons; are living in motels, hotels, trailer parks or camping ground due to the lack of alternate accommodations; are living in emergency or transitional shelters; or abandoned in hospitals.
  2. Children/youths that have a primary nighttime residence that is a public or private place not designated for or ordinarily used as a regular sleeping accommodation for human beings.
  3. Children/youths who are living in cars, parks, public spaces, abandoned buildings, substandard housing, bus or train stations, or similar settings; and
  4. Migratory children (as defined in section 1309 of the Elementary and Secondary Education Act of 1965, as amended) who qualify as homeless because they are living in circumstances described above.

Rights of Homeless Children/youth

  • Homeless students have a right to either remain in their school of origin or to attend school where they are temporarily residing.
  • Students who shoose to remain in their school of origin have the right to remain there until the end of the school year in which they get permanent housing.
  • Students who choose to enroll in a school where they are temporarily residing must be enrolled immediately, even if they do not bring records usually required for enrollment with them.
  • If a homeless student arrives without records, the Malden Public Schools Homeless Education Liaison and the Parent Information Center will assist the family and contact the previously attended school system to obtain the required records.
  • Transportation will be provided to the homeless children/youth at the request of the parent/caretaker for the duration of homelessness and through the end of the academic year the student becomes permanently housed (45 minutes to 1 hour commute).
  • Homeless students have access to all activities including summer school, extracurricular activities, afterschool programs, etc.)
  • Homeless children/youth have the right to receive credit accrual for partially completed work.
  • Homeless children/youth have the right to receive college and career counseling, assistance with the FASFA and verification of homelessness
  • Living arrangements of homeless children/youth are protected under FERPA and McKinney-Vento.
  • Homeless children/youth receive free lunch.

For more information on the McKinney-Vento Homeless Assistance Program, contact the U.S. Department of Education, Student Achievement and School Accountability Programs (SASA), Office of the Elementary and Secondary Education Act (ESEA). Website: .

For more information, please contact, Kristy Magras, Homeless Liaison at or 781-397-6100 extension 2232.

School and Community Resources for Parents

The goal of the Malden Public Schools’ Title I Family Involvement Program is to provide support to families in becoming involved in their children’s education.  The purpose of the School and Community Guide is to provide information to families on services available in the schools, the city of Malden, and additional social service agencies. Please call or visit their offices to assist you in any concerns your family may be facing.

School and Community Resource Guide – English
School and Community Resource Guide – Portuguese
School and Community Resource Guide – Spanish
School and Community Resource Guide – French
School and Community Resource Guide – Chinese

Home School Application

We recognize that for some families, home schooling is the educational option that best fits their needs. Home school proposals and supporting documentation must be completed and submitted 20 DAYS PRIOR to the planned start of the home education program.


Please return documents to:

Parent Information Center
110 Pleasant Street
Malden, MA 02148

Additional Resources