Malden Public Schools Athletic Program

The purpose of Malden Public School athletic and physical education departments shall be to develop students and athletes who exhibit and promote good sportsmanship, academic achievement and athletic abilities. Through the development of these areas our students and student athletes will be better equipped to meet the demands of living and participating in society. Malden Public Schools athletes and physical education students will constantly strive not to base success on winning, but to develop a well disciplined student or student athlete. The Malden Public School District believes that a dynamic program of student activities is vital to the educational development of student. We will emphasize academics, sportsmanship, and effort, for these we believe are the true measure of success.

Physical Education Department

Director: Charlie Conefrey
Location: MHS – H101
Contact: 781-397-6006
Website: Malden Public Schools Athletic Program

Malden High School Physical Education Instructors:

Julie Briggs PE/Health
Mark Gagnon PE/Health
Daniel Jurkowski PE/Health
Nathan O’Leary Health
Mary-Jo Urquhart PE/Health
Mark Guido Adaptive PE

Beebe School Physical Education Instructors:

Thomas Collins  K-8 PE
Carolyn Corvi-Disalvatore  K-8 Health
Michael Nicholson  K-8 PE

Ferryway School Physical Education Instructors

Brian Girard 5-8 PE
Matthew Restivo 5-8 Health
Colleen Ryan K-4 PE

Forestdale School Physical Education Instructors:

William Hanifan Jr. K-8 PE
Alyssa Smith K-8 Health

Linden School Physical Education Instructors:

Matthew Gillis  5-8 PE
Jessica Leggett  K-4 PE
Devon Pattershall  5-8 Health

Salemwood School Physical Education Instructors:

Matthew Amabello  5-8 PE
Marc Ferrara  5-8 Health
Rebecca Krigman  K-4 PE
Samantha Souza  K-4 Health
Nancy Wentworth  K-4 PE


Athletic Department

Athletic Director Charlie Conefrey
Athletic Trainer Jennifer Sturtevant

Equipment Manager Peter Carroll
Athletic Administrative Assistant
Jeanne Marquardo

Coaches Information

Fall Sports

Cheerleading FALL Melanie Philbrook
Cross Country Boys Sean Weldon
Cross Country Girls Danae O’Bryan
Field Hockey Varsity Samantha Souza
Field Hockey JV Tiffany Cane
Football Witche Exilhomme
Golf Rick Malatesta
Girls Varsity Soccer Enrique (Rick) Caceda
Girls JV Soccer  Kim Brookes
Girls FR Soccer Anita Caceda
Boys Varsity Soccer Jeremiah Smith
Boys JV Soccer Robert Navas
Boys FR Soccer Jean DuPont
Girls Varsity Volleyball Dan Jurkowski
Girls JV Volleyball Cheryl Camassa
Girls FR Volleyball Mark Gagnon


Winter Sports

Boys Varsity Basketball Donald Nally
Boys JV Basketball Dan Jurkowski
Boys FR Basketball Wiston Jeune
Girls Varsity Basketball Scott Marino
Girls JV Basketball Marianne Burke
Girls FR Basketball Michaela Ilebode
Cheerleading WINTER
Melanie Philbrook
Girls Gymnastics (Co-Ed) Katie Bowdridge
Swimming (Co-Ed) Jessica Bisson
 Indoor Track-Girls TBD  TBD
 Indoor Track-Boys David Germain
Wrestling Rin Van


Spring Sports

Steve Freker
Boys Varsity Lacrosse
Jonathan Copithorne
Boys JV Lacrosse Jeremiah Smith
Girls Varsity Lacrosse
Rachael Rennie
Girls JV Lacrosse Devon Pattershall
Softball Varsity
Julie Grillon
Softball JV Rebecca Krigman
Softball FR Jessalynne Brown
Boys Tennis Mark Gagnon
Girls Tennis Cheryl Camassa
Outdoor Track-Boys David Germain
Outdoor Track-Girls Samantha Souza
Boys Varsity Volleyball Dan Jurkowski
Boys JV Volleyball Joshua Abrams

Important Athletic Links

Massachusetts Interscholastic Athletic Association: Directions to all high school athletic facilities in Mass 1. Click the “Member School Lookup” link. 2. Use the pull-down menu to select the school you are looking for. 3. Click the “Directions to Sports Facilities” link.



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