Grade K-5 Literacy Programs



The mission of the Malden Public Schools Literacy Program is to develop students who can read and write at high levels of achievement, both to learn and share new information and for their own enjoyment.


  • Provide all teachers in grades K-5 resources and professional development to build strong literacy classrooms in grades K-5.
  • Provide resources to families to help support literacy in the home.

Malden Public Schools Reading Program

In grades K-5, teachers are using the Scott Foresman Reading Street program. The program provides students access to phonemic awareness, phonics, fluency, vocabulary and comprehension instruction. All schools implement a minimum of 90 minutes for reading every day. During this time, teachers will use both whole group and small group instruction. In small groups, teachers work to meet students’ individual needs. As teachers meet with small groups, other students will be reading and writing at centers.

Malden Public Schools Writing Program

In kindergarten classrooms teachers make use of writing journals. Students write every day for 30 minutes in their journals. Students work first on their drawing and then move on to writing about their drawing to tell their story. To learn more about Kidwriting, click here.

In grades 1-5, students participate in daily writer’s workshop.

Resources for Families for Grades K-5 Literacy Program

Reading Program Outlines for Parents
The Malden Public Schools uses the Scott Foresman Reading Street program in grades K-5. The program provides opportunities for students to develop their reading across all of the areas of reading including phonemic awareness, phonics, fluency, vocabulary, comprehension, and writing.
The following are outlines by grade levels of the reading program:

Information on Lexia
Lexia is a computer based reading program that provides students with practice in phonemic awareness and phonics. All kindergarten and first grade students have a  username and password for Lexia. Students in grades 2-8 who may benefit from the added practice offered in Lexia have been given a username and password. Students use the program during the school day.

Lexia can also be used at home. Please see the following directions. For the district code and your child’s username and password, ask your child’s teacher for information.

Parent Letter about Lexia
Parent Letter in English
Parent Letter in Chinese
Parent Letter in French
Parent Letter in Portuguese
Parent Letter in Spanish

Directions for Downloading and Installing Lexia at Home:

Lexia School to Home Overview in English
Lexia School to Home Overview in Chinese
Lexia School to Home Overview in Portuguese
Lexia School to Home Overview in Spanish

Our Contact Information

Janice Raymond Director of Language, Literacy, and Title I 781-397-6107
Maureen Foster Administrative Assistant 781-397-6107
Meredith O’Leary Beebe School Literacy Coach 781-388-0622
Erin Bennett Ferryway School Literacy Coach 781-388-0655
Meghann McCarthy Forestdale School Literacy Coach 781 397-7326
Linden School Literacy Coach 781- 397-7329
Kristen Reidy Salemwood School Literacy Coach 781-388-0643 x1413

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