MPS Theory of Change and Emerging Priorities


If we…

  • Provide an early childhood education that is aligned PK-12, connects with families, and builds lifelong joy of learning,
  • Create and maintain a culturally responsive social-emotional climate of support for students, families, and staff,
  • Develop PK-12 pathways based on a standards-aligned curriculum that offer opportunities for exploration, real life learning, and partnerships with community,
  • Create and maintain a welcoming climate for families, students, and staff that is culturally sensitive and inclusive, and
  • Provide educators with the curricula and training they need to prepare all students for success,

Then we will…

Develop the skills, knowledge, and character our students need to become informed, compassionate, and engaged members of a diverse local community.

Emerging Priorities 

SY 2021-2022

Coherent, Aligned, Measurable, Accountable District

Instructional Core 

Standards-Based Curriculum, Resources, Schedules, Mental Social Emotional Learning (MSEL) curriculum based on  Students’ needs!!





Equity Data Driven Decision Making
The district will use research based frameworks to create a coherent and aligned school district


We believe that equity is not the last stop for creating an inclusive Cultural and Linguistic responsiveness  school district. We believe in removing all the obstacles that get on the way for all our students to be successful in our district.