Early Learning Center: Ms. Tamara Lawrence, Principal

Linden S.T.E.A.M. Academy: Mr. Rafael Garcia, Principal

Beebe School K-8: Dr. Kari-Ann Murphy, Principal

Hello to Beebe School families! I am very excited to have been selected as your new principal.

I come to the Beebe with more than thirteen years of experience as an educator. I have worked with a variety of students ranging from first through eighth grade. I began my teaching career as an elementary teacher in the Malden Public Schools. After leaving Malden, I spent eight years with Chelsea public schools. In Chelsea, I served as a middle school science teacher, a school and district coach, a professional development provider as well as a content and curriculum lead. My most recent position has been as an assistant principal in Winthrop at Cummings Elementary School.

Two years ago, I completed my doctorate with a dissertation focus on middle school engagement. This past year, I also became a trauma-certified educator through the National Institute for Trauma and Loss in Children. I am looking forward to working with teachers and staff to provide all students with opportunities that challenge them to grow while building a love of learning. I believe all students deserve authentic learning experiences, grounded in a rigorous standards-based curriculum carried out in a culture of kindness, collaboration, and respect.


Ferryway School K-8: Mr. Michael Ciampa, Principal

“Our mission is to provide a safe and secure learning environment where students are able to work towards reaching their maximum potential.”

Welcome to the Ferryway School!

Our school’s core values are empathy, perseverance, responsibility, respect, and motivation. They guide our students and educators to approach teaching and learning with determination and joy. Our students always come first to us. They are our raison d’être. We believe that every one of our students can and will learn. We teach them to take academic risks and to not give up when they do not get it right the first try. Our school is a living example of what hard work, love for education, and strong teacher leadership do for student achievement every day.

If you are a parent/guardian, please come in, say hi, and learn about the many ways you can assist us in our mission. If you are a neighbor, please know that we want to work with you to make our community stronger and to continue to create a space where our students can thrive emotionally, academically, and physically.


Forestdale School K-8: Mr. Donald Concannon, Principal

I would like to welcome all our Forestdale families back to school. I am very excited to be your principal for the third year at the Forestdale School, and it is my hope that as the year progresses you will get to know your child’s teacher staff, the programs and the policies we offer at the Forestdale School. It is the goal of all our staff at the Forestdale to work with you to create a rich learning environment for all students. Student success is a shared responsibility between the school teachers, staff, students and parents. I hope as parents/guardians that you will partner with us and become active participants in your child’s education. Education is a joint venture between school and home. As we work with our students to help them learn about the world around them through the prescribed curriculum, we very much appreciate the support that parents/guardians give their children at home as they strive to reach their learning goals. Here at the Forestdale School we value the whole child, we look to nurture success socially emotionally and academically through our partnership with families. The foundation of a successful school is the cooperation between the students, staff, parents and community. Parents are a vital part of the Forestdale School Community. Your contributions are invaluable to the school through volunteer time and support of school activities. We look forward to working with you and developing a relationship that will assist in the growth of your child/children.

“Learning is the best of all wealth. It is easy to carry. Thieves cannot steal it.”

Naladiyar-Divya. “”quoted” #25.” Education World:. N.p., n.d. Web. 08 Oct. 2015.

Donald P. Concannon


Salemwood School K-8: Ms. Van Huynh, Principal

Hello Salemwood Family!  It is with great pride to be working with you to make our school a safe, loving and successful place for our students, families and staff.
I promise to work hard to ensure that all students are cared for and given opportunities and tools to succeed academically and socially!
My door is always open!  I look forward to seeing and working with you!


Malden High School: Mr. Christopher Mastrangelo,  Principal

Hello Malden High School families,

Thank you for the opportunity to work with your children everyday.  Thank you for trusting us with your most prized possession.  This is not a task that we take lightly.  Every morning roughly 1,900 students walk through the door ready to learn.  At the same time, roughly 150 staff members walk through the door eager to educate.

I have had the honor of working in this community for the past nine years.  In that time, I have come to see just how special and unique this community and the people who live here are.  We work everyday to foster an atmosphere that builds upon our strengths and recognizes and improves our areas of growth.  I welcome you to join us as we move towards providing your children with the best possible education.


Jon Barrows: Director of Human Resources

Gerard Tannetta: Director of History/Social Studies, Visual and Performing Arts

Charles Conefrey: Director of Athletics, Physical Education / Health

Erin Craven: Director of Guidance

Dr. Douglas Dias:  Director of STEM 6-12

Cara Hovhanessian: Director of STEM K-5

Jennifer McCabe: Director of English Language Education and Title III

Victoria Mulkern: Director of Literacy and Title I

Patricia Tramondozzi: Director of Nursing

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