Early Learning Center: Mr. Peter Dolan, Interim Principal

Hello to the ELC families!!! I am so very excited to be the new principal of your school. For the past 6 years I have been the assistant principal at the Linden STEAM Academy. Before that, I was at Essex Aggie Technical & Agricultural High School, Endicott College, and Salem High School. I have been an athletic trainer, physical education and health teach, athletic director, and assistant principal at the high school level. I also am proud to serve the district as the School Safety coordinator.

I can’t wait for the school year to begin! I know that we will have fun while helping your child with differentiated instruction to meet his/her specific needs. We will also work hard on developing your child in all areas including social and emotional learning. The staff at the ELC is phenomenal, dedicated, nurturing, and filled with compassion for their profession. I feel so fortunate to be starting this new chapter in my educational career alongside them every day. We are proud to be the beginning of your educational experience with the Malden Public Schools! If you should need anything, please reach out to us at any time. Have a great school year everyone!!

Beebe School K-8: Ms. Barbara O’Brien, Interim Principal

It is my great pleasure to have joined the Malden Public Schools for the remainder of the 2017-2018 school year as Interim Principal of the Beebe School.  As we move forward this year, the Beebe community will continue to move forward as a dynamic, student-centered learning environment that recognizes its commitment to every student with a growth mindset where every student can succeed.  We continue to pursue a path of embracing our diversity as we seek to become a welcoming, inclusive school focused on the whole child through effective communication and collaboration between all stakeholders – students, staff, parents, and the Malden community.  In this way we will prepare our students for success in our global world.

Ferryway School K-8: Mr. Abdel Sepúlveda, Principal

“Our mission is to provide a safe and secure learning environment where students are able to work towards reaching their maximum potential.”

Welcome to the Ferryway School!

It is a great honor to be our school’s principal. I am originally from Puerto Rico but Malden is my home now. Education is my passion. It is what drives me in life mostly because I had great educators in school. It is my goal that the students entrusted to us have a similar or better school experience!

Our school’s core values are empathy, perseverance, responsibility, respect, and motivation. They guide our students and educators to approach teaching and learning with determination and joy. Our students always come first to us. They are our raison d’être. We believe that every one of our students can and will learn. We teach them to take academic risks and to not give up when they do not get it right the first try. Our school is a living example of what hard work, love for education, and strong teacher leadership do for student achievement every day.

If you are a parent/guardian, please come in, say hi, and learn about the many ways you can assist us in our mission. If you are a neighbor, please know that we want to work with you to make our community stronger and to continue to create a space where our students can thrive emotionally, academically, and physically.

Forestdale School K-8: Mr. Donald Concannon, Principal

I would like to welcome all our Forestdale families back to school. I am very excited to be your principal for the third year at the Forestdale School, and it is my hope that as the year progresses you will get to know your child’s teacher staff, the programs and the policies we offer at the Forestdale School. It is the goal of all our staff at the Forestdale to work with you to create a rich learning environment for all students. Student success is a shared responsibility between the school teachers, staff, students and parents. I hope as parents/guardians that you will partner with us and become active participants in your child’s education. Education is a joint venture between school and home. As we work with our students to help them learn about the world around them through the prescribed curriculum, we very much appreciate the support that parents/guardians give their children at home as they strive to reach their learning goals. Here at the Forestdale School we value the whole child, we look to nurture success socially emotionally and academically through our partnership with families. The foundation of a successful school is the cooperation between the students, staff, parents and community. Parents are a vital part of the Forestdale School Community. Your contributions are invaluable to the school through volunteer time and support of school activities. We look forward to working with you and developing a relationship that will assist in the growth of your child/children.

“Learning is the best of all wealth. It is easy to carry. Thieves cannot steal it.”

Naladiyar-Divya. “”quoted” #25.” Education World:. N.p., n.d. Web. 08 Oct. 2015.


Donald P. Concannon

Linden School K-8: Mr. Richard Bransfield, Principal

“Coming to the Linden School is like coming home! I have strong ties to the Linden Community and am thrilled to have the opportunity to embrace and hopefully enhance the Linden School legacy. I was born and brought up in the Linden neighborhood and bought my first home on neighboring Bellvale Street. I attended Norwich University (the nation’s oldest private military school) as an undergraduate and received my graduate degree from Boston University. I have also attended/completed the National Institute for School Leadership (NISL). I have taught in the Malden Public School System for 27 years teaching all grade levels from K-8. I also coached three varsity sports at Malden High School (soccer, hockey, and track); my roots are deep.

I truly believe that every child has the ability to learn at a high level and will focus my energy on seeing that is carried out throughout my tenure. At the Linden, we have over 850 students whose abilities range from academically advanced students to students with moderate to severe special needs. That diversity along with the racial/socio-economic diversity the City of Malden brings… offers great opportunities for our students to learn and yet be empathetic to the differences we all face as adults. The staff is made up of all highly qualified teachers that work tirelessly to ensure your children are afforded a high quality education.  We want your child to leave the Linden School with the skills to compete in a highly competitive world while carrying with them the zest to be lifelong learners.”

Salemwood School K-8: Ms. Rebecca Gordon, Interim Principal

Welcome Back to School! I am so excited and honored to be the new principal of Salemwood School. This is my fifth year as Principal in the Malden Public Schools beginning at the Ferryway School and then the Early Learning Center. Having begun my own early education at the Holmes School (now the Early Learning Center), I know first-hand the dedication and commitment the city of Malden has made to the students and their education. I look forward to working with the students and their families to ensure strong academic and social/emotional success! Home/school communication is an important part of student achievement, so please feel free to contact me at any time with questions or concerns! Looking forward to a great year!

Malden High School: Mr. Christopher Mastrangelo, Interim Principal

Hello Malden High School families,

Thank you for the opportunity to work with your children everyday.  Thank you for trusting us with your most prized possession.  This is not a task that we take lightly.  Every morning roughly 1,900 students walk through the door ready to learn.  At the same time, roughly 150 staff members walk through the door eager to educate.

I have had the honor of working in this community for the past nine years.  In that time, I have come to see just how special and unique this community and the people who live here are.  We work everyday to foster an atmosphere that builds upon our strengths and recognizes and improves our areas of growth.  I welcome you to join us as we move towards providing your children with the best possible education.


Mr. Charles Conefrey: Director of Athletics, Physical Education / Health
Ms. Abbey Dick: Director of Humanities
Dr. Douglas Dias:  Director of STEM K-12
Ms. Janice Raymond: Director of Literacy and Title I
Ms. Heidi Perez: Director of English Language Learners and Title III
Ms. Natalia Santiago Brennan: Instructional Technology Director
Ms. Joan Federico: Manager of PIC Services