Malden SEPAC By-Laws

Malden SEPAC By-Laws

Article I: Name of Organization
The name of this self-governed organization shall be the Malden Special Education Parent Advisory Council, also known as the Malden SEPAC

Article II: Purpose of the Malden SEPAC
Malden SEPAC is a council whose primary commitment is that of enhancing the parental/guardian voice in public education in the city of Malden. Our purposes are to:

Advance the public-school education and well-being of children with Special Needs
Promote and enhance meaningful parent-participation
Advise and support at the family, school, district, state, and federal levels
Our Mission is to create a supportive environment and serve as a resource to parents/guardians of children with special needs with a clear intent to help them become more informed and effective advocate for your children.

Governed by elected board members that volunteer.
Assisted by school district, teachers, students and parent and guardian volunteers.

Collectively we represent hundreds of Malden parents/guardians with Special Needs children.
We ensure that families have a strong voice in their child’s education.
We ensure that the Malden Public Education system remains focused on the needs of its students by assisting the Special Education administration in identifying areas of need and acting in an advisory capacity.
We support parents/guardians in navigating the Special Education system as they exercise their rights and the rights of their children.
We hold regular meetings to discuss Special Education issues as well as provide informational guest speakers.
We support students at all stages of the Special Education process including those in the entering the process of determining special education eligibility as well as those in the process of receiving assessments and services.

Article III: Terms of Membership
General Membership shall be open to any resident of Malden or person affiliated with the Malden Public Schools and students who are placed in out-of-district placements through the Malden Public Schools Special Education department. Voting membership is required to vote in officer elections and other business that comes before any Malden meeting.

Voting membership shall be any general member, who is a parent or guardian of a child with special need residing in Malden, with or without an Individual Education Plan (IEP), 504 Plan or is a parent or guardian of a child with special needs who attends Malden Public Schools and out-of-district placements.

Meetings are defined as any Malden Special Education Parent Advisory Council meeting, activities, or committees at which attendance is taken and minutes of the meeting are recorded by the Secretary. All meetings will be posted on the Malden SEPAC website as well as notification to families through the Malden Public Schools and Malden SEPAC database.

Article IV: Officers of the Malden Special Education Parent Advisory Council
Officers of the Malden Special Education Parent Advisory Council are elected by the voting membership and hold office for two years. If any office becomes vacant, an election for that office shall be held immediately, with term to be reviewed at the May meeting.

Office and officer responsibilities of the Malden Special Education Parent Advisory Council are:

Set the agenda for each general meeting.
Preside at all meetings of Malden Special Education Parent Advisory Council.
Recommend the organization and monitor the function of sub-committees (when needed).
Maintain ongoing communication with Malden Assistant Superintendent of Student Services, the School Committee Liaison, the Superintendent and the Mayor’s office.

Two members in good standing shall hold the offices of Vice President and are responsible for the following responsibilities.
Preside at meetings in the absence of the President, or at the request of the President.
Co-ordinate public communications (if needed), not including those communications that are the Secretary’s.
Assist the President as appropriate and perform those responsibilities of the President at his/her request.
Maintain communication to the Malden community to the Malden school community, the Malden SEPAC website, Facebook and any other Malden SEPAC approved social media, local media.

Co-ordinate all communication between the Malden Special Education Parent Advisory Council and its membership.
Co-ordinate the recording and filing of minutes of the Malden Special Education Parent Advisory Council and its sub-committees.
Collect and review all correspondence of the Malden Special Education Parent Advisory Council.
Prepare periodic reports for the Special Education Administration regarding PAC activities and needs.

Co-ordinate efforts to apply for grants, donations, reimbursements or any other funds for which Malden Special Education Parent Advisory Council may be eligible.
Manage and account for funds collected, donated, and spent for the Malden Special Educations Advisory Council.
Co-ordinate fund raising activities.

Advisory Board: The President may create an Advisory Committee from among voting member who volunteer. The role of the Advisory Board is to assist the officers in carrying out their duties and the work of the SEPAC. The Advisory Board will be appointed by the President. Duties of the Advisory Board may include:
The Advisory Board shall be responsible for offering aid and assistance to the President.
The Advisory Board shall meet with the President to discuss, plan and help carry out the SEPAC activities, workshops and events.
The Advisory Board shall help the President in community outreach and growth of the SEPAC.
The Advisory Board shall help the President in meeting, discussing and addressing parent and guardian concerns regarding special education in the district.

SEPAC Advisor:
Provide context and historical information to assist in organization-wide decision making.
Provide continuity and support to the PAC officers and Advisory Board.

Article V: Elections
Elections shall be the first order of business during the May meeting.
Elections shall be decided by a simple majority vote of the voting membership. New officers shall take office immediately following their elections.

The Department of Education will be informed of the annual elections with the names and phone numbers of the new board by June 1st.

Nominations will be made verbally at the Malden Special Education Parent Advisory Council meeting held in April.

Prior to the nomination meeting, an Election Coordinator will be determined. The Election Coordinator will coordinate activities necessary to complete the election. At the nominating meeting, the Election Coordinator will tally the nominations. Within two days, the Election Coordinator shall announce/notify members of individuals nominated.

Article VI: Meetings

All meetings are open to the public. All meetings will be posted on the Malden SEPAC website as well as notification to families through the Malden Public Schools and Malden SEPAC database.
General Meetings shall be held at least monthly from September through June. Notice of all general meeting dates and elections shall be published in the local press in advance the Malden SEPAC website, to the families through the Malden Public Schools and the Malden SEPAC database. All families are welcome to submit their name and e-mail addresses to be added to the database.

During the June meeting, the President shall take recommendations for the calendar of meetings for the following school year. The calendar shall include dates and times of the meetings and projected activities for the year.

Matters which require a vote to be taken of the voting membership include, but are not limited to, the following items:
A change in the By-laws can only be voted on at a general meeting.
• A commitment of financial resources requires a simple majority of voting member present.
• Elections require a vote as described in Article V, Elections.
• Minutes of all Malden Special Education Parent Advisory Council meetings shall be recorded and retained for public record.

Article VII: Subcommittees
Subcommittees shall be created as needed.

Article VIII: Amendments
These by-laws may be amended by a simple majority of the voting members at a general meeting, but by-laws changes may not be voted upon in the same meeting as they are proposed.

Article IX: Roberts Rules
Roberts Rules of Order are the default procedures for this organization.

Revised and changes voted at 11/20/2018 Malden SEPAC meeting

Summer Meals for Children

Malden Open Sites

Download (PDF, 138KB)

Kickoff BBQ
Where: Malden High School Courtyard
When: Friday June 23rd 11:00AM – 1:00PM
Come join us for a fun afternoon of great food, Carriage Shack Farm’s petting zoo, Kona Ice, Malden Police & Fire Departments, games & crafts.
Kids eat FREE
Adults are $5.00

Summer Reading 2023

Happy Summer! It is hard to believe that we are at the end of another school year. We here at the Title I department are so grateful for your partnership over the past year. We witnessed fantastic growth in our students’ literacy development as we implemented a new literacy curriculum and we hope this growth will continue over the summer with literacy-based summer activities!

One way to support your child’s literacy development at home over the next few months is to engage them with summer reading. This year, the Malden Public Schools is going back to grade-level lists for students entering Grades K-5, and a grade-band list for students entering Grades 6-8. Each grade-list or grade-band pamphlet has lists of ‘recommended’ authors and titles from which to start students’ summer literacy journey. Please note that these are not the only books and authors that students can read over the summer; rather, they are jumping off points from which students can begin their exploration into the world of books. We want summer to be a time when students develop their love and joy for reading, and therefore we hope that students read whatever sparks their interest.

This year, students entering Grades K-5 will have numerous options to demonstrate their reading, including traditional Reading Logs, Reading Responses, Reading ‘BINGO’ activity, and ‘Redefining Reading’ Chart! Students only need to complete ONE activity.

Students entering Grades 6-8 all have the same assignment (create a review of one chosen book), but can take liberty with the format in which they present their format (i.e. podcast, poster, Google slideshow, newspaper article, letter to the author, etc.). We hope these options will provide students with more excitement around their summer reading!

All students should return their completed summer reading activity sheet to their homeroom teacher in the Fall in order to win a prize, such as a voucher for a free small pizza to Pisa Pizza.

Happy Reading!!

Please click HERE for details.


Explore the Malden River – June 3, 2023

The Park at River’s Edge
200 Rivers Edge Dr
Medford, MA 02155

This event is part of the East Meets West Cultural Dialogue, which is supported, in part, by the Adelaide Breed Bayrd Foundation and Mass Cultural Council, a state agency that supports arts, sciences and humanities. Contact Info: (781)-321-6316 |
First come, first serve!
06/03/2023: 2-5 p.m.

Download (PDF, 1.07MB)

Open Positions as of May 11, 2023

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Malden Public Schools Calendar 2023-2024

Please click on the following links for the 2023 – 2024 Malden Public Schools Calendar:

Download 2023-2024 District Calendar

Download 2023-2024 District Calendar (Grayscale)

Malden Youth Soccer Winter Clinic

Timeframe of Clinic: Jan 8 – Feb 26th , 2023
When/Where: Sundays at the Salemwood Gym

Please visit to register!
Timeline for Sunday Clinic:  **Times will be the same every Sunday**
PreK Kindergarten : 9:15 am 10:15 am
Grade 1 2: 10:30 am 11:45 am
Grade 3 4: 12:00 pm 1:15 pm
Grade 5 6: 1:30pm 2:45 pm

Program Cost: $110 / child
*Family Max of $220*

**If cost of the program is ever an issue, please feel free to speak directly us at about possible solutions! **
Coaches do receive cost benefits for coaching. Please email us at if you are interested in learning more.

Download (PDF, 248KB)


COVID-19 Vaccination Clinic – Saturday, December 17, 2022

MPS and CHA are partnering to bring you COVID-19 vaccines – including the bivalent boosters.  The Pfizer vaccine will be available for people 5 years of age and older on Saturday, December 17 from 9:00 am to 1:00 pm at the Salemwood School.  All welcome, no appointments necessary.  $75 Target gift cards available to all vaccinated.