Summer Reading 2023

Happy Summer! It is hard to believe that we are at the end of another school year. We here at the Title I department are so grateful for your partnership over the past year. We witnessed fantastic growth in our students’ literacy development as we implemented a new literacy curriculum and we hope this growth will continue over the summer with literacy-based summer activities!

One way to support your child’s literacy development at home over the next few months is to engage them with summer reading. This year, the Malden Public Schools is going back to grade-level lists for students entering Grades K-5, and a grade-band list for students entering Grades 6-8.  Each grade-list or grade-band pamphlet has lists of ‘recommended’ authors and titles from which to start students’ summer literacy journey. Please note that these are not the only books and authors that students can read over the summer; rather, they are jumping off points from which students can begin their exploration into the world of books. We want summer to be a time when students develop their love and joy for reading, and therefore we hope that students read whatever sparks their interest.

This year, students entering Grades K-5 will have numerous options to demonstrate their reading, including traditional Reading Logs, Reading Responses, Reading ‘BINGO’ activity, and ‘Redefining Reading’ Chart! Students only need to complete ONE activity. 

Students entering Grades 6-8 all have the same assignment (create a review of one chosen book), but can take liberty with the format in which they present their format (i.e. podcast, poster, Google slideshow, newspaper article, letter to the author, etc.). We hope these options will provide students with more excitement around their summer reading!

All students should return their completed summer reading activity sheet to their homeroom teacher in the Fall in order to win a prize, such as a voucher for a free small pizza to Pisa Pizza.

Happy Reading!!

Please click HERE to access the summer reading lists and assignments.