COVID Checklist and Information about Our In-School COVID Testing Program

Everyone can help reduce the spread of COVID-19 by:

– Doing Daily Symptom Checks
– Keeping students home when they are sick
– Having students wear a mask to school indoors & during recess
– Practicing frequent hand washing
– Avoiding crowds
– Maintaining social distance whenever possible
– Getting vaccinated
– Signing students up for Malden’s In-School Testing Program

Malden Public Schools In-School Testing Program
Please sign your student up by visiting:

Symptomatic Testing
If your student becomes symptomatic during the school day, they are able to be tested immediately and results arrive within 15 minutes.

Routine COVID -19 Safety Checks
Your student will participate in weekly “pooled” testing. Samples are collected in small groups and students may self-test if able. Samples are sent for testing and most results arrive within 48 hours. If any of the pool tests positive, families are notified and students are tested individually to identify the positive person(s).

Test & Stay
This option is available for unvaccinated close contacts who are identified to a positive Covid case while in school. If previously consented, the students may participate in daily testing for 7 days before school. If the result is negative, they are allowed to go to class.

You can also register for upcoming Malden COVID Vaccination Clinics at: