Malden Teen Health Center is Open!

The Malden Teen Health Center is open and ready to serve new and returning students! It’s conveniently located right in Malden High School. Call now to make an appointment 781-338-0101 or visit for more information.

Whether you have insurance or not, the Malden Teen Health Center will provide primary care to anyone between the ages of 12-24 years.

● If your teen is a CHA patient, we’re a part of your primary care team
● If your teen is uninsured, we will provide care at no charge
● If your teen sees a primary care provider in another system, we can still see them

In other words, you don’t have to worry about insurance coverage, we’ll make sure your teen gets the health care they need.

The clinic is open during schools hours
● Mon-Wed, & Fri 8am – 12pm,
● Thurs 8am-4pm (12:30pm-4pm oral health only)

We offer the following services:

● Primary Care
○ Physicals
○ Immunizations

● Mental Health
○ Evaluations
○ Counseling and therapy
○ Substance use counseling

● Confidential Reproductive Health
○ Sexual and Reproductive care
○ Testing/screenings
○ Education

● Oral Health
○ Cleanings
○ Exam of your teeth and gums
○ Small fillings and sealants
○ Fluoride vitamin
○ Dental Emergencies

Parental consent is needed for primary and mental health care if your teen is under 18.
Follow us on Instagram @ malden_teenhealthcha for more information and regular updates. Call 781-338-0101 now to schedule an appointment!


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