Special Education Transportation Update

On July 1st, NRT began transporting Malden Public Schools Special Education students.  The summer transportation went well with minimal or minor adjustments.  On the first day of school, August 29th, there were two issues regarding incorrect addresses resulting in two students kept on a bus for an extended period of time.  Coupled with extreme heat and humidity, the air-conditioned busses had a difficult time maintaining temperature due to the opening and closing of the doors for frequent stops.  The issues were reported to Central Office, we immediately responded by filing reports with the authorities to rule out “foul play”.  At no time was either child alone on the bus.  All busses are equipped with GPS and cameras.  Central Administration met immediately the next day with NRT president, John McCarthy and his staff.  The concern and frustration was conveyed and NRT vowed to address all problems.  Malden Public Schools reinforced that the safety of our students is our main priority. On Thursday, August 30th, there were no issues reported.

The Malden Public Schools is confident that NRT has rectified this situation and will continue to monitor to ensure the safety of all our students is met.  NRT has a lengthy and proven track record of providing excellent service to many communities like Malden.  NRT transports 110,000 students every day in Massachusetts and we are happy to work with this provider who, like the Malden Public Schools, has safety as their top priority.

John Oteri
Malden Public Schools