Information on P-EBT Benefits and Summer Eats Program

Dear Malden Public Schools Families and Caregivers,

We are happy to inform you that “Massachusetts has received federal approval to continue providing Pandemic EBT (P-EBT) food benefits to households through summer 2022. P-EBT is a child nutrition program created during the public health emergency to promote increased food security for students and children who missed school or could not attend childcare due to COVID-19.

Summer P-EBT benefits are estimated to provide continued food assistance for the families of approximately 400,000 school-age children, as well as 109,000 children under age six in households that receive Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) benefits.” (Department of Transitional Assistance 7/01/2022)

ALL Malden Public Schools students will receive the following P-EBT benefits for Summer 2022:

  1. Each K-12 student will receive a total of $391 in P-EBT benefits. K-12 students will start to receive the P-EBT payment on August 3. 
  2. Families who receive SNAP and have a child under age six will start to receive the P-EBT payment of $391 on August 25.
  3. Families will continue to receive P-EBT on the same card they have in the past. Households who lost their P-EBT card or have not yet applied for a P-EBT card can request a new or replacement card. More information on P-EBT can be found at

If you need further assistance regarding P-EBT, please contact Pam Stazesky at 781-397-6100 ext 2235.


In addition to the P-EBT benefits for ALL Malden Public Schools students for Summer 2022, Malden also participates in the Summer Eats Program. Summer Eats is a program that provides free meals to all kids and teens at locations across Massachusetts during the summer months.  No identification or registration required. Learn more and find a site near you at


Here are the stops and times for the Malden Public Schools Food Truck:


July 5 – August 12 (Monday – Friday)

Locations and Time:

  1. Mcdonald Stadium – 11:00-11:20 am
  2. Lincoln Commons –  11:30-11:50 am
  3. Coytemore Lea Park –  12:00-12:20 pm
  4. Trafton Park – 12:30-12:50 pm


Please have a  safe and healthy summer!



Dr. Noriega-Murphy
Malden Public Schools