Theme Questions and Answers
After School Program Q: Will there be an increase in slots for before or after school? If we are able to increase staffing. If you know anyone that wants to work please have them contact us. We are at about 25% capacity due to staffing issues.
After School Program Q: What is the criteria to join after school? You have to live in Malden. Please contact the MOST program for more information at
website: Parent Portal:
Class size Q: How many students are going to be in one class? The average class size is 15- 20 students in class. Q: Are they going to learn through Google Classroom as well? The expectation is to have teacher – student direct collaborative teaching and learning 100% in person. We are going to still use some online platforms, but just to support the teaching and learning that is taking place inside each classroom.
COVID Related Question Q: Will we do a health screening before students come into the building? No, we will not perform screenings before school. We are relying on families to screen their student each day using our COVID 19 checklist and to stay home and contact their doctor for medical guidance, if they have any symptoms.
COVID Related Question Q: Will you be doing pool testing again? Yes, we have been accepted into the state program, which offers a weekly COVID Safety Test (pooled testing). We are working closely with Malden Board of Health for guidance to when to begin this testing.
COVID Related Question Q: How will you define close contact in the classroom? Per DESE guidance, close contacts are defined as individuals who have been within 6 feet of a COVID-19 positive individual while indoors, for at least 15 minutes during a 24 hour period. Exemptions of close contacts testing and quarantine include 1) Asymptomatic fully vaccinated individuals, 2) anyone who has had COVID in the past 90 days to exposure, 3) Bus close contacts -if masked and windows are open on bus and 4) Classroom close contact – an individual who is exposed to a COVID 19 positive individual in the classroom while both individuals were masked, so long as the individuals were spaced at least 3 feet apart.
COVID Related Question Q: If someone is out due to covid are these excused absences? Yes – they still need to make up the work. We will provide tutors to help them.
COVID Related Question Q: Will you test every student before school? Unfortunately, we don’t have the capacity We are relying on families to screen their student each day using our COVID 19 checklist and to stay home and contact their doctor for medical guidance, if they have any symptoms.
COVID Related Question Q: If we travel out of state will we need to quarantine? What about unvaccinated people? Will they need to quarantine? Per Malden Board of Health, Malden Public Schools will continue to follow the Massachusetts Travel Advisory
COVID Related Question Q: Do you need the flu vaccine and a negative test to start school? It is not a requirement to get the flu vaccine this school year, but it is highly recommended. Students do not need a negative COVID test to start school.
COVID Related Question Q: Will there be an option for remote learning? We are not going to offer any remote learning- according to DESE, Malden is one of the districts that is not allowed to offer remote learning. I truly understand the hesitation but the expectation from the state is that all students report in person. The exception is if they are sick and in those cases we can provide a tutor for a short time.
COVID Related Question Q: Will you be providing data about COVID-19 cases at monthly meet & greets? Yes we can gather this information to share and you can also see it on the City of Malden website.
COVID Related Question Q: Is there an option for PCR testing? We do not have on site PCR testing in our schools. We will have the ability to do it through weekly COVID safety checks (pooled testing)
COVID Related Question Q: Will grades 5-8 change rooms? Yes they will, there is no social distancing requirements per DESE guidance.
COVID Related Question Q: Will students social distance during lunch? Currently, there are no mandates on social distancing.
COVID Related Question What are Plan B or Plan C? It would be nice to know. Plan B would be to go to a Hybrid model. Plan C would be to go fully remote. We are working with Principals on these plans.
COVID Related Question Q: Will teachers be required to be vaccinated? We can not require or ask but we hope they will be vaccinated.
COVID Related Question Q: Why are we not using lobbies for lunch? That is a building based decision but currently, there is no social distancing mandate.
COVID Related Question Q: My child has a compromised immune system. Can I get a doctor’s note for tutoring? Tutoring is only for a short time, no more than ten days.
COVID Related Question Q: If covid cases get bad, when will the schools notify parents of going hybrid or fully remote? Parents that work need to know in advance as we need to provide care at home.
We will do our best to notify families as soon as possible. However, we need to adhere to the rules of the city and state.
Eating in school Q: Can students eat outside or in the classroom? This will be a school based decision.
Eating in school Q: What protocols will be followed at lunch? We will do contact tracing if there is a close contact-but there are no social distance requirements right now
Eating in school Q: Where will the ELC have lunch? The ELC will have lunch in the classrooms.
Eating in school Q: Will lunch still be free? Lunch will still be free of charge. We are working on healthy and more appealing food for this year.
Eating in school Q: Will schools still be open for breakfast before school? There will be breakfast in the school. There will be grab and go options as well as breakfast in the cafe before school.
Eating in school Q: Can my child bring his own lunch from home ?
Eating in school Q: If my child does not feel comfortable eating with large groups unmasked is there an option for them to eat elsewhere?
Having that conversation with the principal would be great. Send an email to your principal.
Eating in school Q: How can I sign up for breakfast and lunch programs for my kindergarten kids?
We are a CEP community and all students will receive a free breakfast and lunch. There is no sign up
General questions about the meeting Q: Is this meeting being recorded? It is not being recorded but I will up the cap for our next zoom and we will send an email with an FAQ.
Gym Classes Q: Will Kindergartens have Gym classes?
It depends on the schools’ schedule.
High School Question Q: When will high school students get their schedule? When 9th grade students go to orientation they will get it. It will also be emailed. They can also access their ASPEN account. If they do not have access to ASPEN, students and caregivers can contact the high school to get their password.
High School Question Q: For new incoming students can the school do zoom calls so the kids can get a tour of the building and meet teachers/administration of the school?
Each school has scheduled their own Back to School Meetings. If you did not received the information, please contact our student’ schools.
Lockers Q: Will Students be allowed to use lockers? Students will be allowed to use – as of right now there are restrictions on lockers.
Masks Q: Will masks be enforced age appropriately? Everyone has to wear the masks- At Home, please encourage students to start wearing it. We will provide mask breaks to students.
Masks Q: What about the youngest students – my 3 year old will not tolerate a mask? We know it is challenging and will try to support them.
Masks Q: Will there be mask breaks?
Absolutely! And students can take off masks during breaks and when they are outside.
Masks Q: Will staff be required to wear masks even if vaccinated?
Yes, all adults are required to wear masks
More Back to School Sessions Q: Will each Principal be hosting their own Zoom call to go over the specifics for each school?
Since last Thursday, each school Principal started to set up Back to School virtual meetings.
Online Learning Q: Can you learn online? There is no online learning this year. We know most of our young students are not vaccinated but we are required to be in the building. The buildings will be cleaned and buildings have passed rigorous air quality tests.
Online Learning Q: Tutoring? Please explain. In cases where a student is sick, we can deploy a tutor for a short time and a limited time -just to make sure they are doing work assigned to them.
Online Learning Q: Can you keep students home? We are not offering any stay home or distance learning. The only option is for students to come in person. Everyone is required to report to their school on Sept 1st
School Supplies Q: Where can I find a list of school supplies? This is school based. If you contact our principal they will be glad to reply.
Starting time Q: What time do 4th graders start?
Please check with your principal or on their school website for times.
Starting time Q: Have school times changed? Please refer to the Start and End School Times link.
Starting time Q: Start and end times for the ELC? I’m going to ask the principals to send you information on start times.
Student Assignment Q: My son has not been assigned a school. When will I get that information? We are processing them as quickly as they are completed.
VIsitors in Schools Q: Are parents allowed in the building? Unfortunately, parents will not be allowed when students are in the building. I know it’s hard you want to be there with your babies but not at this moment.
COVID Related Question Q: What is the process for signing a child up for in-school testing for covid? Consent forms will be sent home with all students, this form may also be done directly online
We are working with a new platform this year and only 1 form is required for all 3 testing options. Everyone is encouraged to participate regardless of vaccination status.
COVID Related Question My child has a compromised immune system. His doctor has already informed us that he should learn remotely, and also his brothers because they share a bedroom. With this doctor’s letter, will you accommodate us with a tutor until vaccinated?
Please email me to see what we can do. However, tutoring is only for short term absences.
Homeschooling Q: If my child sees that social distancing is not being followed, and masks are not enforced, and feels in danger, can I pull them out of school and teach them myself? Will I need to follow a certain curriculum? How do I obtain this curriculum?
Currently, there is no remote / distance teaching option. For homeschooling, please contact
COVID Related Question Q: When will we know more about what pool testing option we will go with? We have been accepted into the state program, which offers a weekly COVID Safety Test (pooled testing). We are working closely with Malden Board of Health for guidance to when to begin this testing.
Masks Q: Are the students required to wear masks outdoors , e.g. play area ? When students are outdoors, they do not need to wear masks.
Q:Is there a school bus facility in Linden school?
There are no general buses that go to Linden, however there are some students that receive specialized education transportation.
Eating in School Q: If you feed the kids at home, are they still given something?
Yes! They can still get breakfast and lunch.
Eating in School Q: What kind of food? When is it served?
The food menu will be available and posted online soon. Each school has their own schedule
COVID Related Question Q: How can parents support you in asking DESE to provide the option now? There is no way anyone could have foreseen these exact current circumstances by June 11.
We hear you loud and clear. We cannot tell you what to do but you have the power of voice and if as parents you want to do something that is up to you. I cannot advise you from my seat but you have your PTO presidents to support you.