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About Me

My name is Bill Hanifan, PE teacher at the Forestdale School.  I have been at the Forestdale for the past 8 years.  I am born and raised in Malden and a Forestdale Alumnus (class of 1983).  I am also a graduate of Malden Catholic and the University of Connecticut.


Students are expected to always put forth their best effort in class.  All students are encouraged to try.  All students in grades K-8 should wear sneakers on their “gym day.”  Please make a note of when your childs’ “gym day” takes place.  The grading rubric for Grades 5-8 and Class Rules are attached.


Do some type of exercise every day.  Even walking to school is better than doing nothing.  Play catch with your child with any type of ball.

After School

I am in the gym every day after school if any students or parents need to reach me.  Parents check in at the office.  Students may come by if they want extra help with any skill or lesson I have taught.  I am more than willing to help any student at any time.

Health Lessons

Students in grades 1-8 will be taught health lessons this year apart from their regularly scheduled P.E. class.  Keep an eye out for handouts or just ask your kids about Health Class.


5-8 students have their grades updated on the X2 system on a weekly basis.  I will also put comments for individual students when needed.


All injuries and notes from doctors excusing students from PE class should be given to the nurse.

What we are doing now?

Grades K-2 are working on footwork, agility, throwing and catching.
Grades 3-4 are working on cardio stations, bowling, agility, and footwork.
Grades 5-8 are all learning volleyball skills and how to play the game.
Question of the Week (1st student to bring me answer written on piece of paper wins)

What team does Malden High play in football every Thanksgiving?  On November 28, 2013 it will be the _____________ meeting between the two teams.

Related Files

Physical Education Class Rules
Grades 5-8 Rubric

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