Forestdale School Wednesday Walking School Bus

Walking is a great way to help our children be more active, meet new friends, and become familiar with their neighborhood.  Every “One Less Car” reduces traffic congestion and improves the air quality at our school.  Every Wednesday morning, rain, shine, or snow, two groups of parents and students meet to walk to school. We have two separate meeting spots for convenient drop off points for parents. Parents are always welcome to walk along, but if that is not possible, there are Walk Coordinators at each site who safely escort the students to school. We gather shortly before 7:30 in front of the Citizens Banks on Lebanon Street in Maplewood Square for the Maplewood Route and in front of the Citizens Bank at Main and Forest Streets for the Oak Grove Route.  At 7:30 sharp both groups begin walking to school.

Students are expected to walk on the sidewalk with the group and obey all safety instructions at all times. Students can join along the way but must check in with walk coordinators when they reach Forestdale School. They can go to the cafeteria, after they check in for credit at the front lobby bench.

All students who participate in the Wednesday Walking School Bus will receive a keychain and charms to count each time they walk. After receiving their initial walker charm, they will receive a smaller charm each Wednesday they walk. Once a month, they will receive a bigger charm to celebrate their progress. Students who walk the most Wednesdays will receive a special prize. Students who bring a friend with them and get that friend to walk at least 8 Wednesdays will receive a yoyo. We have other incentives that will be distributed on random Wednesdays.

The Maplewood Route heads up Lebanon Street to Sylvan Street and on to the school.

The Oak Grove Route heads up Forest Street to Sylvan Street and on to the school.

Safe Routes to School, a federal program, will present pedestrian and bicyclist safety programs for Forestdale School families. The dates will be announced soon.

Please see the website: for more information from our sponsor Safe Routes to School.
Also, visit for our routes and updates

Walking School Bus Map

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