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Welcome to the homework page of Room A212!  Students are given homework each night Monday through Thursday.  Students are given either a Spelling or Reading assignment, as well as Math for homework each night.

Students should be reading each night for at least fifteen minutes.

Remember to fill out your Gumball Reading Calendars for the month of November!

Amazing Words

1. community

2. citizen

3. law

4. headquarters

5. branch

6. leader

7. patrol


Students are currently working on learning many addition strategies in order to master addition concepts. Some strategies students have learned are counting on, using a number line, learning doubles facts, and using ten frames to add sums greater than 10.

We are still working hard to master addition facts with sums of 0-10!

Please use the website Xtra Math for extra help with addition and subtraction fluency! If you need information on how to log on, please let me know!

How to Solve A Word Problem:

1. Circle the question (What you need to find out)

2. Underline what you know

3. Choose a strategy

  •  Draw a picture
  •  Make a table or chart
  •  Use a number line
  •  Write a number sentence

4. Show Your Work!!!!!!!!

5. Write your Answer

Favorite Websites




4. Lexia (Please see me if you need directions to get to this website.)

Thank you for all of your help and support!


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