“Our mission is to provide a safe and secure learning environment where students are able to work towards reaching their maximum potential.”

Welcome to the Ferryway School!

It is a great honor to be our school’s principal. I am originally from Puerto Rico, however Malden has been my home for over decade now. Our city is truly a unique place. Its diversity, sense of history, and dedication to our youth makes it the ideal place to work, learn, and grow. Education is my passion. It is what drives me in life. The reason for this is that I had great educators when I was in school. It is my goal that the students entrusted to us have a similar or better school experience!

Our school’s core values are empathy, perseverance, responsibility, respect, and motivation. They guide our students and educators to approach teaching and learning with determination and joy. Our students always come first to us. They are our raison d’être. We believe that every one of our students can and will learn. We teach them to take academic risks and to not give up when they do not get it right in the first try. Our school is a living example of what hard work, love for education, and strong teacher leadership do for student achievement every day.

If you are a parent/guardian, please come in, say hi, and learn about the many ways you can assist us in our mission. If you are a neighbor please know that we want to work with you to make our community stronger and to continue to create a space where our students can thrive emotionally, academically, and physically.


Abdel Sepúlveda, Principal