Welcome to Mrs. Israelson’s 1st Grade page

My name is Mrs. Israelson and I am the first grade teacher in Room A214. We have a wonderful first grade classroom this year. On this webpage you will find our daily homework schedule, important happenings at Ferryway, weekly spelling words, words of the week, amazing words, and mental math facts. Also, please check out my favorite websites listed below for the students to use.
Please contact me at eisraelson@maldenps.org if you have any questions or concerns. Thank you!

January at the Ferrway

Early Release on Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Exploratory Schedule:

Day 1: Music with Mrs. O’Connor

Day 2: Health with Mr. Pascetta

Day 3: Gym with Ms. Ryan

Day 4: Art with Ms. Gould


Spelling List

Week of January 5th – long i and e spelled with a y

  1. my
  2. cry
  3. by
  4. lucky
  5. try
  6. silly
  7. any
  8. puppy
  9. body
  10. things *
  11. fly
  12. always *
    * = High-Frequency Words


Amazing Words

1. adult
2. measurement
3. teeter
4. bounce
5. attempt
6. time line
7. flatter

Math Facts of the Week

Please practice addition facts!!!!
Chapter 4 in Math will be focused on place value!
Students should be able to count by 10s

Students should continue to master their addition facts…
lock the big number in your head and count on:)


This free website could help…..



Math Vocabulary to use- addends, counting on, number line, double +1,  doubles -1


Favorite websites:

http://www.spellingcity.com/eisraelson/   ***Updated weekly

Thank you for your help and support!!

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