Hello students, parents, and Maldonians,

It is with great pride that I serve the students and staff of Malden High School in my role as Principal.  In my mind, there is no other high school that I would want to lead.  On a daily basis I learn something. Whether it is about a student’s culture, family, goals, dreams, or educational wants and needs. I believe that our students can achieve whatever goals they set. Malden is a special city that has a long proud tradition.  I often joke with my wife that regardless of where we are, all roads go through Malden.  I have lost track of how many times people tell me of family members that are graduates of MHS when I tell them that I am the Principal.


Our staff is student centered and always puts the needs of the students first.  Their dedication to our students, coupled with their passion for teaching results in opportunities for our kids.  To be honest, I am not sure how my travels lead me to Malden, but I am eternally grateful that they have.  As a boy, my father had a business in Malden.  I can remember coming down Lebanon St. in Melrose from our home in Wakefield and crossing into Maplewood Square and ending up on Broadway to help my dad at work.  So many years later my father came to see me at school and took that same route, who could have ever guessed.



Christopher Mastrangelo