Summer Opportunities for High School Students

For more information, eligibility requirements, and applications go to the listed website.  Also, login to your Naviance account for a database of many more state and nationwide opportunities! See your guidance counselor if you have questions.


All of the programs below offer financial aid of some kind – this may include additional application materials, please read this information carefully. 

Costs listed are those of the program itself; you may also have to pay for transportation to the program (unless specified by the website).

Chinese Progressive Association Paid Summer Internship Program
Location: Boston’s Chinatown
Cost: You will be paid every two weeks

Broad Institute Paid Summer Internship Program
Location: Cambridge, MA
Dates: Not updated yet but usually starts after July 4th
Deadline: End of February

MIT MITES Summer Program
Location: Cambridge, MA
Cost: Free!


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