MHS Athletic Information 




As of June 21, 2021 through August 21, 2021 –  Parents and Athletes should log onto:

– set up an account and fill out paperwork for sport





Final Forms will open registration for the SPRING 2023 Season sometime after February 17th


MPS Athletic Information

Malden Concussion Policy

Sports Medicine Emergency Action Plan___

Managing the care of students suspected of Athletic Concussions


The new Teen Medical Center  next to the nurses’ office will do FREE sports physicals

Monday through Friday:  8:00 AM – 12 Noon

Please have MIAA Recommended Sports Candidate Medical Questionnaire Form completed and signed also Consent for Treatment Form signed by parent/guardian.

MIAA Medical Questionnaire

Consent for Treatment in the Starr Wellness Center

Athletic Requirements

All candidates for athletics must meet the following requirements prior to attending any tryout or practice sessions:

  1. Complete forms on including an up to date Physical, which can be up loaded on  Both Parent and Student need to set up an account.
  2. Be less than 19 years of age on or before September 1 of that year for varsity or be less than 16 years of age on or before September 1 for freshman 
  3. Be academically eligibleFALL: Determined by Final Grades previous year and 1st Quarter Grades / WINTER: Determined by 1st and 2nd Quarter Grades / SPRING: Determined by 2nd and 3rd Quarter Grades.
  4. If a transfer student, needs to see the Athletic Director

If you owe a uniform/equipment you will not be eligible to tryout or play a sport until the uniform/equipment is returned.

If you owe uniform/equipment your name will be given to your House Principal and graduation materials will be on hold.

If you were on MEDICAL you will not be signed off until you have been cleared (Doctor’s Note/Cleared by Jenn the Trainer or the School Nurses)


Malden High School Athletic Facilities

Sports Facilities Practice Location Try-Outs


Order Athletic Apparel



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