Student Report: Class of 2023

Grade 8

By: Jodi (Student Reporter)

With the fall foliage arriving, students are putting away their summer wear and pulling out textbooks and binders.  Teachers and students transition back into the school with positive attitudes, excited for a fresh start.

This coming year, the class of ‘23 will be graduating in June 2019 moving onto their high school careers.  Being their last year at Beebe, students consider their high school preferences and choices. Though most kids are leaning towards Malden High School (MHS), some are deciding to spend the next 4 years or their lives at a vocational institute.  A good number of the student population are ecstatic about graduating and moving on in life. Students like Julia and Schneider are ready for a new start at high school and growing up.

Excited though, unsure about their 8th-grade year, the teens look forward to the end of the year activities, such as field trips to Canobie Lake Park and Tufts University, graduating, and a new school year.  When asked of her opinion on 8th grade, Skyla had replied saying, “The year is going well so far, and the workload is better than last year’s.” Like Skyla, Jessica stated, “8th grade feels easier than last year because I feel more in control of my schedule.”

Since it’s only the beginning, most of the students don’t know what to expect of the new year.  “I don’t know how I feel so far because things could change along the way.”, said Natalie. Having said this, most of the students are optimistic about their final year in middle school despite unknown challenges.  

Since 8th grade  is a crucial year, it is important that students make a positive impact on Beebe and its community.  This includes, making good decisions, creating a friendly environment, and living their middle school life to the fullest.  

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