September Beebe Bulletin

Here are some highlights from this month’s Bulletin, click the link to read the full newsletter!

My First Day of School
By: Nainy
First, I woke up early to get ready to go to
school. I felt excited to meet my new teacher
and my new class. My new class was cool! I
Love my teacher because she is really nice. My first day of
school was awesome. I can’t wait to go back to school
tomorrow!!! When school was over, I went home and told my
mom, dad, and brother all the fun I had. I told my whole family
how much fun I had at school. My family was proud of me. My
parents asked me if I made any friends, I said yes. I told my dad I
made four friends. My parents also asked what I learned today
and I told them I learned a lot and it was also fun.

What is happening in Grade 7 By: Jordyn
In Grade 7 this year, we are learning lots of new things. In math, we just finished learning adding and
subtracting of integers and are currently learning multiplication and division of integers. In ELA, we
are learning text features and what they are used for and how important they are. In science, we are
learning about how to write a proper claim and hypothesis. In social studies, we are learning about
prehistory and the five groups of hominids. In Grade 7, we have to be in school at 7:45 a.m. and
have two exploratory classes. A lot is happening in Grade 7 at one time and we are up for the

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