Thank you, Beebe School


Dear teachers, staff and students,

Malden Kiwanis thanks you for your incredible job of collecting over 5000 books for our Bubbles and Books project.  We gave out most of them.

Today Ms. Spayne and Mrs Hurley’s class who collected 1605 books, Ms. Geer’s class who collected 1478 books, and Ms. Malone and Mrs. Hollinhead’s class who collected 1108 books are having a pizza party on us to thank them for their efforts.  We couldn’t award just one prize with 3 classes collecting over 1000 books each.

We wish to thank all the teachers and students as well.  Thanks to you we had over 6000 books to distribute free to the children of Malden.  There are pictures above of the event so you can see how you helped us and the community.

Dawn Fitzgerald and Robin Jorgensen, Co-presidents Malden Kiwanis


June Beebe Bulletin

Upcoming Grade 8 Events

By:  Julia

Beebe 8th graders are really looking forward to the last week of school! Coming up, they have many events and field trips coming their way!

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May Beebe Bulletin

Generation Citizen Project

By: Ryan and Michelle

The Beebe 8th grade has been working on a civics project called GC- Generation Citizen, since November, in our Social Studies class. GC is a non-profit advocacy organization that encourages young people to be more involved with their local community. Each class, or block, created a different project based on what they thought was negatively impacting Malden the most. Block 1 introduced the idea of lowering the voting age; Block 2 introduced the idea of making college more affordable; Block 3 introduced the idea of banning plastic bags and straws; Block 4 introduced the idea of preventing teenagers from vaping and potentially smoking.

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Heart Hero

Massive congratulations to 1st grader Julian Wallis in Ms. Herrera’s homeroom. He was the Top earner at the Beebe school and raised an impressive $625 dollars, absolute legend!

April Beebe Bulletin

Astronaut Skype Session
By: Rebecca Playford

This week grades 5 and 6 participated in “Skype with Astronaut Dr. Jessica Meir”.  This was arranged through a proposal to NASA. Students were actively engaged in learning about Dr. Meir’s endeavors in science along with her path to becoming an astronaut. Through models and examples, Dr. Meir taught students’ facts about space & life on the International Space Station. She also revealed that she will be heading to the ISS this September!  At the end of the session, many students were able to ask her their inquisitive questions!  It sure was an out of this world experience!

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March Beebe Bulletin

STEM with Grade 3

By: Christina Cunningham

The Beebe Grade 3 students learned about different climates and built small model homes that reflected the building needs of their chosen climate.

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