257 Mountain Ave

Malden, MA 02148

     Registration for 2023-2024 is now open.

ALL NEW and RETURNING students will register online using our new EZChildTrack Parent Portal.



  1. Your child will be accepted when they turn three years of age and are fully toilet trained.
  2. There is a $100.00 non-refundable registration fee for all new & returning students. All registration fees must be paid online. If your child is placed on a wait-list due to limited space, your registration fee will be refunded.  If your child is placed in a slot from the waiting list the $100.00 registration fee will be paid at that time.
  3. A birth certificate and updated physical exam with immunizations will be required. All documents can either be uploaded or mailed to the ELC.
  4. MPS requires proof of residency; please see the guidelines: Verification of Residency on the Parent Information Center page or by clicking here.
  5. All preschool classes are integrated with three, four, and five-year-old students that are typically developing and students that have special education needs.
  6. There is a maximum of 15 students to one teacher and one or two paraprofessionals per class.
  7. Our program will be half-day sessions in the morning (3 hours), afternoon (two hours & thirty minutes) & full-day classes (six hours).

Morning Half-Day Program                     8:00 AM – 11:00 AM

(3 Hours) Half-Day A.M. Program                      $24.75 per day

Afternoon Half-Day Program                   11:30 AM – 2:00 PM

(2.5 Hours) Half-Day P.M. Program                    $20.50 per day

Full-Day Program                                      8:00 AM –2:00 PM

(6 Hours) Full-Day Program                               $49.50 per day


8. You may choose either two days (Tuesday & Thursday), three days (Monday, Wednesday & Friday), or 5 days per week depending on availability.

9. Registration is on a “first come first serve” basis with pre-registration preference given to students and their siblings currently in the program.  

10. All New Applications taken during registration are numbered and will be processed in that order.

11. Packets of information indicating your child’s teacher and the session he/she will attend will be sent out during the summer months.  Applications will not be processed until all documents are received. If you can’t upload these documents please mail them to the school at Early Learning Center 257 Mountain Ave, Malden, Ma 02148. They can also be emailed to: or

12. MPS Early Learning Center requires 4 weeks written notice if you withdraw your child from the program.  You are responsible for paying all of the tuition costs. You will be asked to sign a tuition contract stating that you understand our tuition policy.  If you withdraw and return during the school year a $150.00 re-registration fee will be charged if there is availability. May & June 2024 re-registration is not an option.

13. Once your child is registered there will be a $25.00 administrative fee for all changes made to your child’s schedule.

14. Please don’t hesitate to contact the office staff if you have any questions. The office phone number is 781-397-7025 ext.0 or you may email the administrative assistants at or 

15. If your child is placed on a wait-list due to limited space, we will notify you when a slot is available.

16. Parents with more than one child in our program will receive a reduction in tuition costs. The tuition for the first child will be at full cost with a 10% reduction in the tuition of subsequent children.

Registration link: click here

Some ELC registration tips:

  • Parents should use a laptop/desktop to register. The Chrome browser is recommended.
  • All information marked by a red line is required to proceed to the next screen.
  • You cannot save an application in progress; parents will need to get to the final screen and submit.
  • The name and address in the system have to match what is your bank/credit card account or you may receive an error message.
  • Parents will not get access to their accounts until their enrollment is approved.  At that time the system will send an email with a temporary password that will need to be changed.
  • The necessary forms are available in the Terms & Conditions section. Forms can be printed and uploaded in the Upload Documents section in the Parent/Guardian Information section or emailed as outlined in the instructions
  • Please call the Early Learning Center office at 781-397-7025 ext. 0 with registration questions.
  • Forms are available to print in the Terms section:
  • Students must be Malden residents, 3 years of age, and fully toilet trained. The following information will be needed:
  1. Proof of Age (Birth Certificate or Passport)
  2. Most Current Immunization and Physical Exam
  3. Proof of Residency (See requirements form)

Please note: there is a field you may input your second program choice if your first choice is full. First-come-first-served basis.