Title I Family Resource Center



The mission of the Title I Family Resource Center is to support parents and other caregivers in getting involved in their children’s education. We hope to strengthen communication between home and school.

Goals of the Title I Family Resource Center

  • Provide family friendly activities where families can learn and interact together.
  • Outreach to all parents including those who may speak other languages and those with children with disabilities.
  • Provide parents and guardians information about how they can support their children at home and in school.
  • Use multiple forms of communication to outreach to parents.

Who are our Title I Family Coordinators? What do they do?

Patti Amirault and Paul McCarthy are our Title I Parent Coordinators. They help organize and facilitate all of the parent workshops, classes, and family events we hold all year long. They also develop and distribute printed materials for parents throughout the school year. They also are available to any parent or guardian to help answer questions or facilitate communication with the schools.

Where is the Title I Family Resource Center located?

The Title I Family Resource Center is located at the Ferryway School. We are often traveling between schools and at various events and meetings. Please call or email Patti Amirault at pamirault@maldenps.org or Paul McCarthy at pmccarthy@maldenps.org or give us call at 781-388-063.

What activities can I get involved in?

Every month you’ll find us at monthly morning breakfast workshops. Please come and introduce yourself to us.
Three times a year we also host fun family events in each of the schools.
We are always looking for parents who are willing to help other parents and at our events. Please email us or give us a call.

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Read our School and Community Resource Guide

Contact Us:

Janice Raymond Director of Literacy and Title I jraymond@maldenps.org 781-397-7332
or 781-397-6107
Maureen Foster Administrative Assistant mfoster@maldenps.org 781-397-7332
or 781-397-6107
Patti Amirault Title I Parent Coordinator pamirault@maldenps.org 781-388-0663
Paul McCarthy Title I Parent Coordinator pmccarthy@maldenps.org 781-388-0663

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