2015 – 2016 Salemwood Enrichment Class Descriptions
Eric Carle Author Study: Story elements and thematic art based on children’s literature
Using Shapes to Become an Artist: Learning to use common shapes in different ways to create art
Seasons of Change: Science lessons about the seasons
Sink or Float: Testing objects using the scientific method
Making Maracas: Explore instruments and create their own
Craft Fun: Create a craft based on Sylvester and the Magic Pebble
Meditation: Practicing meditation and mindfulness
Social Emotional Well Being: Learning how to cope with emotions and work well with others
Painting: Exploring different genres of painting and making a masterpiece
Exploring Literature Through Food: Identifying story elements and making snacks based on the story
Arts and Crafts: Making a variety of unique creations
Solar System: Projects related to the mood, planets and stars
Yoga: Building confidence, focus, strength and flexibility
Origami Fun: Using listening and math skills with the Japanese art of paper folding
Engineering: Working as civil engineers to design and build a model bridge
Drama: Improvising, acting, screenwriting, costume design and directing
Coding Fun: Activities that help us learn how to create video games and apps
The Magic of Poetry: Reading, writing and illustrating different forms of poetry
Zumba: Learning and creating dances, as well as making a video to teach others how to Zumba
Winter Gift Bazaar: 4th Graders interact as buyers and sellers while learning about pricing, demand and careers
Make Someone Happy: Making crafts as service projects to brighten someone’s day
Wicked Cool Science: Fun hands-on experiments
Patchwork Pillows: Applying math skills to design and create a pillow
The Art of Cursive: Handwriting with style and learning how to create a signature
Math Games: New math-based games to play each week
Cartoon Drawing: From classic characters to your own unique character and comic strip
The Team: Learning to be a team player, how to participate in new sports, and strategizing to win
Spelling Club: Spelling games and competitions
Flower and Vegetable Garden: Planning and building Salemwood’s flower and vegetable garden
Paper Mache: Various paper mache crafts including bowls and masks
Designing in Microsoft Publisher: Creating a monthly calendar with digital images and text
Fitness Center Fun: Understanding the components of fitness and applying skills on fitness machines
Pump Up the Music: Taking today’s top songs and making them new
Salemwood School Play: Acting, performing, set-design and costuming for The Phantom Tollbooth
Puzzle Mania: Problem solving with a variety of puzzle forms
Purposeful Graffiti: Creating graphic expressions of academic subjects
Basket of Smiles: Awareness of the needs of others and giving to those who need it most
Critical Thinking Games: Classic games such as Chess, Checkers, Risk and others
Strategy Explored Through Games: Tournament style games in both physical and digital formats
Music Production and Engineering: Live sound reinforcement and production, and djing school dances
Building Rockets: Constructing, launching and evaluating the flight of paper rockets
Dance: learning Different styles of Latin dance ending in a dance battle
Student Council: Enhancing school community through organizing different schoolwide activities