Wellness Department

The objective of the Wellness/Physical Education Department is to provide students with experience and instruction that will enable them to develop a healthy lifestyle. Courses are designed to increase awareness and foster healthy attitudes in choosing options that result in growth and balance in physical, emotional, social, and intellectual growth. All students are required to pass three (3) semesters of Wellness PE and one (1) semester of  Wellness Health for graduation.


Wellness HLT (health)        Level: Unleveled

#06114                                                                                    Credit:  .5 (Semester course)

Adolescence is a time of decision-making.  In this course students will explore the process of decision making, learn the skills to make good decisions, and discuss the consequences of the decisions they make.  Topics will include peer relationships, conflict resolution, refusal skills, teen dating violence, alcohol, tobacco, and other drugs; sexuality and relationships, and HIV/AIDS.


Wellness PE (physical education)              Level: Unleveled

#06204                                                                                   Credit:  .5 (Semester course)

Wellness PE is a one semester course designed so all students acquire the basic knowledge about how to become fit and why it is important. Students will learn how to safely use various exercise equipment and stations in the fitness center. Instruction will focus on the components of fitness and how they contribute to optimal health. Through understanding various tests and measurements, student will learn to monitor their fitness and exercise levels.  Students will also develop physical fitness and fundamental skills in team sports and game activities, to develop leadership capacity, self-confidence, and a good self-image through lifetime carry-over activities, and to stress good health and wellness. As part of the regular Physical Education rotation, Aquatics is taught. During the aquatics rotation water basketball, water polo, water hockey and water aerobics are taught. During a typical semester, each week the topics rotate and as a result each class will rotate through the pool about three times for a week at a time.