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3GPSLogoWhat is GPS?

GPS is formerly a grant funded program through the Department of Elementary and Secondary Education.  The mission of the GPS program is to target students who are struggling during their high school career and support student success and progress toward graduation through the services provided.

Who is in the GPS Program?

Approximately 250 students who are categorized as 9th grade repeaters, over-aged, or under-credited.

What are the services provided in the program?

GPS offers a range of programs and opportunities with a specific lens of engaging students.

  • GPS provides a mentoring program where 150 students are paired up with a staff in the building who meets with them at least once monthly
  • A socially and emotionally focused class for 10 students each semester
  • Frequent therapeutic groups run by the Graduation Coach
  • Career workshops
  • Home visits conducted by the Graduation Coach
  • PLATO credit recovery course options for students who are behind in their coursework due to excessive absenteeism and past course failures

Who can I contact to learn more about GPS?

Caitlin Scott-Delesky, Graduation Coach
[email protected]