Family and Community Engagement

Parent Advisory Council


The purpose of the F.A.C.E-PAC

  • To be an outlet for families and overall Malden Public School Community (MPS) to engage, collaborate and partner with MPS
  • Parent/Caretaker involvement
  • Benefit MPS students/community
  • To communicate concerns, propose ideas and participate in the solution to the school system challenges
  • To foster productive relationships between MPS Central Administration and families
  • School Committee and Superintendent advisory
  • Budget/Funding
  • Parent Involvement
  • Communication
Celebrate Our Schools
  • Our kids
  • Diversity
  • Kids liking school
  • Our teachers
  • Supportive parents/caretakers
  • 67+ different languages
  • Intervention supports
  • Parent Title 1 Groups
  • English classes for Parents
  • Outcome of F.A.C.E.

School and Community Challenges

  • Budget Cuts (funding)
  • Parent Involvement
  • Communication among Schools
  • Class Size
  • “Not knowing what we don’t know”
  • Any inequities or opportunity gaps
  • Students’ stress level
  • Different events at different schools
  • Communication regarding curriculum
  • Culture of belonging (racial) climate


Next Meeting

February 15th 2017

@6:30 pm

MHS Library


For more information, please contact Kristy Magras, @ or 781-397-6100 extension 2232