Visual Art

“Art is one of the most powerful instruments available to us for the fulfillment of life. “ – Rudolf Arnheim, Thoughts on Art Education


The goal of the Visual Arts Department at Malden High School is that students embrace the values of arts appreciation. The curriculum strives to instill confidence in the learners artistic self-expression, and in the artistry of others.

The visual arts curriculum supports this goal be actively promoting of arts education in the general education of all students. Understanding that individual learners have different learning styles and unique aptitudes becomes especially salient in artistic development. Every effort is made to recognize and encourage students to challenge and develop their skills in both creative and critical thinking modalities.

Art education . . .

  • Develops creativity through self-expression
  • Encourages critical thinking, effort and perseverance
  • Inspires inventiveness using hands-on learning
  • Promotes high expectations leading to personal growth and a respectful art room environment
  • Teaches life long skills for the Visual Arts in all grades and stages of development
  • Actively supports interdisciplinary units to enhance curriculum

By following the Massachusetts State and Malden District Art Curriculum, students are able to experience . . .

  • multiple materials and technique
  • explorations using observations and abstractions
  • elements of art and principles of design
  • creating art work for assessment and exhibitions
  • the value of interpretation and analysis of their own work and others
  • an introduction and promotion of key terms for the Visual Arts
  • connections between other subjects, cultures and the world around them
  • understanding of all arts, roles of artists and purposes of art


Humanities Director
Malden Public Schools

77 Salem Street

Malden, Mass. 02148

Visual Arts  Faculty K – 8

Beebe K-4                Andrea Sullivan
Ferryway K-4         Courtney Gould

Ferryway 5-8          Joan Ortu
Forestdale K-8      Deborah D’Ortona
Linden K-8              Meghan McKenzie
Salemwood K-3     Christine Berg,

Salemwood 4-8      Meg Steele Wingerath

Malden High School Faculty

Joseph Luongo

Julie Mullane

MaryAnn Seager


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