Music is a universal language. Because Malden Public Schools’ student population is made up of diverse ethnic and cultural backgrounds, the music program in the school system provides an opportunity for students to be brought together with a common language.The music department includes general music, instrumental music, and choral arts. All music teachers use a standards-based music curriculum aligned with the Massachusetts Arts Curriculum Framework.

Our students are taught music appreciation, music history, and theory. They have the opportunity to play a wide variety of pitched and unpitched instruments such as keyboard, guitar, recorders, xylophones and various percussion instruments. Music is related to just about every other subject, so the general music teachers often teach units in correlation with other subject teachers and integrate music with school theme projects.

Band instrument instruction is available starting in fourth grade and continues through the twelfth grade. Performance experience at different levels include parades and concerts. Middle school and high school students will soon have the opportunity to participate in jazz band and or percussion ensemble, both of which are currently being put together in anticipation of the next school year.

Vocal music experiences begin in kindergarten and continues to be available at the high school level through the MHS Choral Arts program.

Performance is an important part of the music experience. Students at all grade levels have the opportunity to perform in musical programs in front of an audience. The benefits of this type of experience include development of self-confidence, positive self esteem, and a love and appreciation of music that will continue to grow as the students mature into adults.

Malden Public Schools’ Music Department Faculty

General Music
Beebe – Elisabeth Hoffman- K-4
Ferryway – Jaclyn O’Connor, K-8
Forestdale – Kimberly Barber, K-8
Linden – Rachel Candee – K-8
Salemwood – Brian Sheehan- 5-8, Justine Pasquale- K-4


Malden High School
Todd Cole – Choral Arts
Erin O’Brien-Mazza  – MHS Band Director

Instrumental Music
Jared Henderson – Instrumental Music
Matthew Tavares – Grades 5-8 Band
George Weithman- Band


Teacher Resources:

National Core Arts Standards: Conceptual Framework document