The Malden Public Schools offer a curriculum that is mathematically rich, providing students with opportunities to learn important mathematical concepts and procedures with understanding. They have access to technologies that broaden and deepen their understanding of mathematics. Students have different abilities, needs, and interests. Yet everyone needs to be able to use mathematics in his or her personal life, in the workplace, and in further study. All students deserve an opportunity to understand the power and beauty of mathematics. Students need to learn a set of mathematics basics that enable them to compute fluently and to solve problems creatively and resourcefully. Computers, television and other media disseminate vast quantities of quantitative information. The level of mathematical thinking and problem solving needed in the workplace has increased dramatically. We live in a mathematical world. Whenever we decide on a purchase, choose a health plan, or use a spreadsheet, we rely on mathematical understanding In such a world, those who understand and can do mathematics will have opportunities that others do not. Mathematical competence opens doors to productive futures. A lack of mathematical competence closes those doors.


Dr. Douglas Dias, K-12 Director of S.T.E.M.

Location: Malden High School

Phone: 781-397-6024



Teaching Staff: 

Middle School


  • Grade 5 – Michael Aliberte, Katie Hannan
  • Grade 6 – Alan Biscan
  • Grade 7 – Sean Weldon
  • Grade 8 – Wendy Byrne


  • Grade 5 – Kathy Cutting, Ms. Doreen Girard
  • Grade 6 – Tim Rufo
  • Grade 7 – Julie Maguire-Jones
  • Grade 8 – Michael Suntken


  • Grade 5 – Molly Whisler
  • Grade 6 –
  • Grade 7/8 –


  • Grade 6 – Lindsey Oreste
  • Grade 7 – Scott Marino
  • Grade 8 – Diana Buonopane


  • Grade 5 – Jason Asciola
  • Grade 6 – Sarah Strayer
  • Grade 7 – Jennifer Hedrington
  • Grade 8 – Cara Hovhanessian

Math Coaches:

  • Christopher Fitzpatrick
  • Marta Lunden

High School

Teacher Leader: Cara Joyce

Jess Bisson, Jo-Ann Cassidy, Kin Chan, Berenice Diaz, Julie Fox, Brad Gelling, Elizabeth Gibbons, Christopher Giordano, Jennifer Harrison, Sarah Jones, Ola Kordowska, Patricia Laidley, Timothy Lane, Katelyn Maney, Genoveva Mateeva, Evan Mauser, Arielle McCoy, Kayla Scheitlin, Tom Snarsky, Nora Watson