History and Social Sciences



The Malden Public Schools History and Social Sciences Department is fully committed to the development of the next generation of thinkers, leaders, and active, informed citizens. Social Sciences provides an arena for the analysis of societies in terms of their complex relationships, cultural patterns and political systems and beliefs. Our coursework draws upon virtually all other disciplines by applying math, science, and literacy skills necessary for success in today’s global economy.
Within the Social Sciences program, students are provided with a framework to learn new content by integrating literacy and technology skills in an inquiry based environment. This design inspires students and sparks their curiosity to pursue deeper study in areas of interest and in turn become increasingly active and knowledgeable citizens. As 21st century learners, our students develop digital literacy skills, and learn the value of collaboration and innovative technology tools to drive their learning and strengthen their problem-solving and critical thinking skills.
Students are engaged and responsible for their learning which prepares them to succeed in college, work, and life. Our goal is the development of informed, thoughtful, opinionated, and prepared young people who are ready to take on a leadership role and advocate for social justice as they engage in the world around them.


Malden High School Social Sciences Instructors:


Names Email Subject Wikispaces
Humanities Director Content Area Learning Strategies
Facing History and Ourselves Unit
Pearl Harbor Unit
Damian Aufiero daufiero@maldenps.org APUSH, US History I AP Psychology
Jon Copithorne jcopithorne@maldenps.org US History, Sociology
Rebecca Corcoran rcorcoran@maldenps.org Modern World History, US History
Ellsworth Fersch efersch@maldenps.org US History, Modern World
Michelle Filer mfiler@maldenps.org US History, APUSH
Patrick Finnegan pfinnegan@maldenps.org US History
Marsha Healy mhealy@maldenps.org US HIstory,  Modern World History Mrs. Healy’s History Page
Greg Hurley ghurley@maldenps.org US History I US I 
AP US Government & Politics
Michael Lightbody mlightbody@maldenps.org US History, Modern World History, Foundations of Law Industry Open
 Ann Pember apember@maldenps.org Modern World History, AP Psychology AP Psychology
Kurtis Scheer kscheer@maldenps.org US History
Rick Tivinan rtivnan@maldenps.org US History, American Law and Justice, Examining Criminal Justice, Mock Trial, AP US Government and Politics US II 
American Law/Examining Criminal Justice
Mock Trial 
 Kerry Veritas kveritas@madenps.org Teacher Leader

US History, Foundations of Law, Modern World History

Foundations of Law


Middle School Instructors:


School Name Email Subject Webpage
Beebe Michelle Corbett mcorbett@maldenps.org Grade 6 – World Geography Site
Carolyn DiSalvatore cdisalvatore@maldenps.org Grade 7 – Ancient History/Model UN Site
Bill Enwright wenright@maldenps.org Grade 8 – Medieval History/Generation Citizen Site
Ferryway Robin DeSantis rdesantis@maldenps.org Grade 6 – World Geography Site
Megan Costa mcosta@maldenps.org Grade 7 – Ancient History/Model UN Site
Tim Stratford tstratford@maldenps.org Grade 8 – Medieval History/ Generation Citizen Site
Forestdale Lisa Casaletto lcasaletto@maldenps.org Grade 5 – US History Grade 6 – World Geography
Matt Patrie mpatrie@maldenps.org Grade 7 – Ancient History Grade 8 – Medieval History/ Generation Citizen Site
Linden Greg Jackson gjackson@maldenps.org Grade 8 – Medieval History/ Generation Citizen
John Murray jmurray@maldenps.org Grade 6 – World Geography
Jennifer Toomey jtoomey@maldenps.org Grade 7 – Ancient History/Model UN
Salemwood Paul Mallett pmallett@maldenps.org Grade 5 – America’s Past Site
Penny Kalman pkalman@maldenps.org Grade 6 – Wold Geogrpahy
Bill Walsh wwalsh@maldenps.org Grade 7 – Ancient History, Model UN Site
Ross Bowdridge rbowdidge@maldenps.org Grade 8 – Medieval History / Generation Citizen