“To read well, that is, to read true books in a true spirit, is a noble exercise, and one that will task the reader more than any other exercise which the customs of the day esteem. It requires a training such as the athletes underwent, the steady intention almost of the whole life to this object.” – Henry David Thoreau 

In Malden Public Schools, the study of English involves critical reading classic and contemporary literature, writing for a variety of audiences and purposes, discussing ideas, building vocabulary, and developing speaking, listening, viewing,  presentation, and 21st Century skills. The curriculum is aligned with the Massachusetts English Language Arts Framework and includes strategic instructional strategies support students’ preparation for state and national examinations. The English Department offers a standards-based curriculum that is aligned with the Massachusetts Common Core Standards for English Language Arts and Literacy, and includes a reading list of traditional literature and contemporary fiction and nonfiction texts that is reflective of the diversity of writers from around the world.  In addition to the required core readings for each grade, students are provided with opportunities to read and respond orally and in writing to a range of texts at their independent reading and interest levels. Whenever possible, students are provided with opportunities to integrate the use of technology to support and enhance their learning of content and skills.The Malden High School English Department offers levels of instruction in each of the four years required for graduation: college preparatory (CP), honor (H) and in the junior and senior years, advanced placement(AP). The selection of appropriate English courses and the passing of each course are critical to the successful completion of an academic program. Guidance counselors and English teachers work collaboratively to help students make an appropriate choice of sequential courses.


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National Council of Teachers of English: http://www.ncte.org/

Massachusetts Common Core ELA Frameworks

Laying the Foundation Pre-AP Training in English:   http://ltftraining.org/

English Department Faculty
Malden High School
Ms. Shannon Alexis, Grade 10 and 12 (The Future)
Ms. Anne Mooney, English 10, English 11 and 12 (Monsters)
Ms. Jennifer Clapp, English 9, Advanced Placement Seminar, English 12 (Mystery)
Mr. Pasquale DiBenedetto, English 11, and 12 (Through the Looking Glass)
Ms. Nierika Nims, English 10 , Advanced Placement Language and Composition
Ms. Robin Doherty, English 11, and 12 (Through the Looking Glass)
Mr. Ryan Gallagher, English 11/12, Advanced Placement Literature and Composition, Journalism / Blue and Gold
Ms. Margaret Giberson, English 9 , English 11/12, AP Language and Composition
Mr. David Londino, English 9, English 11
Ms. Melissa Macey, English 9, English 10, ESL IV Writing
Ms Yahaira Marquez, English 10, Advanced Placement Language and Composition, Readers/Writers Workshop
Ms. Lucia Musilli, English 9, English 12 (The Future)
Mr. Allen Phelps, English 9, English 10, English 11, English 12
Mr. Jeremiah Smith, English 9, English 11, English 12 (Monsters)
Mr. James Valente, Intro to Media Production, Advanced Media Production, The Maldonian (yearbook)
Mr. Sean Walsh, Play Production/Technical Theater, Advanced Placement Language and Composition
Grades 6-8/Middle School

Beebe School
Ms. Colleen Clifford, Grade 6
Ms. Susan Byrne, Grade 7
Ms. Danae O’Bryan Grade 8

Ferryway School
Ms. Christina Terranova, Grade 6
Mr. Ryan Maguire, Grade 7
Ms. Elaine Ivy, Grade 8

Forestdale School
Ms. Susan Horvitz, Grade 5 (Reading)
Ms. Miranda Libkin, Grade 6
Ms. Mary Phaneuf, Grades 7 and 8

Linden School

Ms. Lauren Walsh, Grade 7
Mr. Joshua Titcomb, Grade 8

Salemwood School
Ms. Jane Wright, Grade 6
Ms. Marcus Barbagallo, Grade 7
Ms. Shannon Dellasanta, Grade 8